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Apex Legends is Going to Release a New Legend After Octane

New Characters Release In APEX Legends.

Photo Source: Respawn

Apex Legends’ Developer Respawn Entertainment confirmed the release of the second character, bringing the roster to a total of 10 Legends. As announced earlier, the character will be arriving in the game before the end of Season 1.

For those who don’t recall, Respawn already announced that two new characters will be coming to Apex Legends throughout the season. They will also be launched complete with their own set of cosmetics.

The first of the two Legends was already introduced to the game — Octane, a reference to Titanfall 2’s Gauntlet speedrun. Also known as Octavio Silvia, he is an adrenaline junkie who wants nothing in life other than performing death-defying stunts to entertain himself and his fans by posting holovids.

While Octane has already been launched in the game, the second Legend remains a mystery. Respawn noted that they will be releasing new characters each season, but they didn’t confirm how many Legends us players could expect. The second Legend though is scheduled to be released within the next eleven weeks.

No further details were released by Respawn about the incoming Legend. However, fans of the game have found a series of leaks that includes information about the nine new Legends that the developers are currently working on. The leaks feature names such as Crypto, Jericho, Prophet, Husaria, Nomad, Rosie, Rampart, Wattson, and Skunner.

Due to these revelations, fans have been speculating that Wattson will be the next Legend to be released, following Octane. This is because out of all the champions, Wattson is the only one with more information than the others. This includes the fact that Wattson is a Legend that will be themed around electricity, and is even said to feature an ability called Tesla Trap.

But to confirm if that leak is true or not, we all have to wait for an official statement from Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends is a team-based battle-royale shooter game which gained popularity upon its release on February 4, 2019. It currently has over 50 million players, a stat that continues to rise with each following update.

If you haven’t tried Apex Legends yet, the game is free-to-download for Microsoft Windows gaming PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One gaming consoles.

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