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League of Legends April Fool Skins 2019

Riot has already revealed this year’s April Fool Skins as part of its annual event to celebrate April Fools. And the champions to receive these comical new skins are no other than Corki, Fizz, Yorick, and Rengar.

Let’s check them out:

Corgi Corki

This adorable new skin has an all-new model and textures that features Corki on a corgi, riding the pup as his trusty steed. Its new particles also include doggy toys, treats, and rainbows, while his new SFX include plenty of barks and magical sounds. Corgi Corki also gets to have a new recall animation that shows how he teaches new tricks to his dog.

Fuzz Fizz

Fizz has turned into a hyper spaniel with a shiny new coat thanks to this new April Fool skin. Aside from his new model and textures, his particles and VFX gets chock full of purples and rainbows. His SFX, on the other hand, include magical, squeaky toys and doggy barks. While for his recall animation, he will show you why it’s not a good idea to try and take his bone.

Fuzz Fizz also gets to have a Prestige edition.


The Shepherd of the Lost Souls has now turned into the Shepherd of the Lost Cats. Meowrick claws his way into the Rift with an all-new look with him wearing a purple-pinkish cat onesie. The skin also features new particles that include rainbows and sparkles, new SFX that feature magical and shimmery tones. And lastly, a new and cute recall animation to die for.

Pretty Kitty Rengar

Pretty Kitty Rengar is on the prowl to hunt some mouse. The new April Fool skin puts our favorite stabby tabby in a purple onesie and gives him balls of yarn, rainbows, and stars as part of his visual effects. His SFX, on the other hand, feature some whimsical and magical tones. On the other hand, his recall animation stays true to a cat’s nature and their undeniable love for empty boxes.


To purchase these new April Fool skins, make sure that you have downloaded the latest patch on your gaming PC. Once the patch is installed, these new skins will automatically be added to the League of Legends store for purchase.

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