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Smite God Reveal: Jormungandr, The World Serpent


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Smite has added a new mythological figure in its roster, and it’s no other than the feared sea serpent of Norse mythology, Jormungandr. In Smite, he is a ranged and magical character that can act as his allies guardian, initiating clashes with his damaging abilities or turning the tides of battle by unleashing his ultimate skill.


Passive – Immovable

Jormungandr cannot be affected by Hard Displacement but instead gets stacked of Dazed. It is a debuff on Jormungandr which slows him and increases the damage he takes for the duration. But any attack speed past base reduces the cooldown rate of Jormungandr’s Basic Attack.

1st Ability – Venomous Haze

Venomous Haze allows Jormungandr to fire noxious spit at an area which deals damage and creates a sizeable toxic cloud. This field then damages and slows enemies inside it every second.

2nd Ability – Consuming Bellow

Consuming Bellow upon activation allows Jormungandr to draw power from toxic clouds nearby while channeling for 1.2 seconds. At the end of the channel, he then roars which deals damage to all enemies, slows and tremble them by 30% for 1.5 seconds.

Each cloud also increases the size of Consuming Bellow and Empowers him up to 3 times, all the while dealing damage to enemies hit. While Empowered increases the speed of Jormungandr’s basic attack.

3rd Ability – Submerge

Submerge allows Jormungandr to go to the ground and turn invisible as he searches for his target. During the ability duration, Jormungandr will be able to move faster and gain predatory vision, sensing all enemies in a large radius. Firing any ability while invisible will reveal Jormungandr and make him emerge from the ground, knocking enemies around him.

Ultimate Ability – The World Serpent

The World Serpent is Jormungandr’s ultimate skill. Upon activation, Jormungandr’s increases size as he prepares for a devastating attack. Upon selecting a target area, Jormungandr flies into the air and then dives down, crashing into his enemies as his body slams into the ground.


Jormungandr is now available to play in Smite. To try out his skill set, all you have to do is download the latest patch of the game on your PC or gaming laptop. Install the update, run the game, and choose Jormungandr as your chosen god in your selected match.

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