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League of Legends Champion Update: Kayle, the Righteous

The Righteous and The Fallen Update

League of Legends has finally released the Celestial Twins Update, The Righteous and The Fallen, featuring Kayle and Morgana. To start off the update, we’re featuring the first twin, Kayle. Born to a Targonian Aspect, Kayle was one of the known protectors of Demacia, abandoning the realm after becoming disillusioned with the repeated failings of mortals. Legends say though that she continues to punish the unjust with her fiery swords.

Let’s check out Kayle’s updated skills:

PASSIVE – Divine Ascent

Kayle’s passive allows her attacks to rank up as she gains levels and spend skill points. This passive skill can reach up to Level 16: Level 1 (Zealous), Level 6 (Aflame), Level 11 (Arisen), and Level 16 (Transcendent).

Q – Radiant Blast

Radiant Blast allows Kayle to summon a celestial sword which stops on the first enemy hit. It slows them by two seconds and shreds their Armor and Magic Resistance by 20% for three seconds.

W – Celestial Blessing

Celestial Blessing allows Kayle to heal herself and a target allied champion, as well as gaining Movement Speed for two seconds.

E – Starfire Spellblade

Starfire Blade features a passive and active attack. Its passive gives bonus magic damage to Kayle’s attack. On the other hand, its active effect allows her next attack to become ranged and deals 20% of her target’s missing health as bonus magic damage. The attack upgrades when Kayle reaches Level 6, causing it to explode once it hits the target, also dealing damage to nearby enemies.

R – Divine Judgement

Kayle makes an allied champion invulnerable for a few seconds. After a short cast time, she then purifies the area around her, dealing bonus AP and AD damage to nearby enemies.


To try out Kayle’s updated skills, download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming computers. This patch also includes Morgana’s Champion Update, Ahri’s K/DA Prestige Edition and Arclight Brand skins, alongside new Chromas, Summoners Icon, and Emotes.

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