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New Need for Speed and Plants vs. Zombies Games in Development

It’s confirmed — EA is currently working to release new entries in the Need for Speed and Plants vs. Zombies series.

The news came via their recent press release, where EA’s Blake Jorgensen announced their plans to “deliver new titles” for the two major franchises. No details about the new titles were discussed, aside from the fact that the games are currently in their development stage.

Aside from the two games, Jorgensen also discussed  EA’s plans in growing Apex Legends alongside Titanfall and its related experiences. Last year, EA already hinted that Respawn Entertainment will be releasing new titles before the end of 2019 — starting off with Apex Legends which was released last February 4.

Apex Legends proved to be a great start, already gaining a massive following of 25 million players one week after its release. It was such a success that many are already comparing it to popular battle-royale games such as PUBG and Fortnite.

But Apex Legends is just the start. Respawn Entertainment has reportedly planning to introduce a premium Titanfall experience in the franchise, featuring a twist that will bring a different twist to the series. The game is said to be released before the year ends. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is also being developed by Respawn Entertainment, and is expected to be released this Fall as announced by EA.

Although EA reported a difficult financial quarter last year, Apex Legends and the release of Anthem are expected to turn things around. Thankfully, Apex Legends had a great start, with its Season One kicking off in March.

Anthem, on the other hand, is going to be released this Monday. It will feature a contiguous shared open world that can be shared with up to three players. Each one will take the role of a Freelancer which uses battle exo-suits called Javelins to complete their missions including hunting beasts or ruthless marauders.

Anthem is developed by Bioware for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles, as well as Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops.

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