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Overwatch Reveals New Paris Map

new Overwatch Paris map

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Overwatch has just revealed the newest map in the game after it was released on PTR (public test region) last January 31.

The new Paris map is an assault map similar to the gameplay present in Anubis and Volskaya Industries. Players must capture and defend points while exploring through the Parisian setting.

Players will be able to spot notable landmarks like the Patâssiere Galand, Cabaret Luna, Seine River, and the Maison Marat, the grand palace located in the heart of the city.

In fact, the Cabaret Luna was included in the several posters that were released by Overwatch for the Paris map. Each poster implied how humans and Omnics are treated equally, even being allowed to have romantic engagements — staying true to its name as the City of Love.

Overwatch Paris map gameplay

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In Overwatch universe, Paris was more than just the capital of France. It was one of the many locations that had suffered greatly from the Omnic Crisis. In the decades that followed, the city became a hotspot by Overwatch. It was also one of the locations Junkrat and Roadhog raided during their heist.

Another info about Paris is that it was the hometown of Amélie Lacroix before she was brainwashed and was turned to the deadly assassin we now know as Black Widow.

Currently, there is no news when the Paris map will be uploaded to the regular servers. There are also speculations that it is where the first stage of the upcoming Overwatch League Season will be played out.

To check out the new Paris map, download Overwatch on your PC or gaming laptop and log in to its public test region.

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