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Overwatch Released Year of the Pig Skins

Overwatch Lunar New Year

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The 2019 Lunar Year has started, and Overwatch is ready to celebrate by releasing new Legendary Hero skins for the Year of the Pig.

Some of the heroes that will be getting new Legendary skins are Reaper, Hanzo, Reinhardt, Tobjörn, and Zenyatta. Tracer, Orisa, and Brigitte will also be getting new skins as part of this year’s Lunar New Year event.

The theme for this year’s skins was said to be inspired by the historical novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” It will feature notable names of known figures and war generals from Chinese history.

Reaper Lu Bü Skin

Reaper Lu Bü was inspired and named after a known Chinese general and warlord who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty. His skin’s design includes the flamboyant red flumes on his helmet mirror, similar to the illustration drawn of the late general.

Hanzo Huang Zhong

Hanzo Huang Zhong and its design was also inspired by a war figure and is known to be one of the Five Tiger Generals. Often depicted as an elderly general, Hanzo was given a flowing white beard to own the look.

Reinhardt Guan Yu

Reinhardt Guan Yu’s design and overall look were also taken from an armed force officer who was called The Taoist God of War. Similar to the illustrations of the general’s character, Reinhardt’s dons a green and gold-themed armor, and wields a dragon shield and hammer.

Tobjörn Zhang Fei

Tobjörn Zhang Fei embodies another war general that served under Liu Bei in the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Tobjörn’s design follows the dark gold, black, and red theme similar to how Zhang Fei’s armor was depicted. His turrets also get a new makeover.

Zenyatta Zhuge Liang

Zenyatta Zhuge Liang was inspired by a Chinese politician who was said to be one of the greatest military strategists in history. To own the look, Zenyatta gets a white, gold, and ethereal blue armor with a beard and traditional hat.


Overwatch’s Lunar New Year Event will be ongoing until February 18, so what are you waiting for? Open your gaming PC now and get these new legendary skins.

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