League of Legends Heartseeker 2019 Skins: Heartbreaker Vi and Heartpiercer Fiora

It’s the month of love, and we know that every year, League of Legends celebrates Valentine’s Day by releasing a set of skins known as the Heartseeker Skins. This 2019, Riot will are out to give The Grand Duelist and The Piltover Enforcer a makeover for the upcoming Heartseeker Event.

Let’s check them out:

Heartbreaker Vi

Heartbreaker Vi is sure to beat out anyone who gives her an opinion on how she does things. The new skin features all-new model and textures for the Piltover Enforcer that gives her a lovely Valentine’s look. It also includes new visual effects that show various hues of pink, gold, and graphic hearts. Her sound effects, on the other hand, give off soft metallic and hearty sounds. For her recall animation, Vi shows off her breaking techniques.

Heartpiercer Fiora

Heartpiercer Fiora has arrived in the Summoner’s Rift, hoping to find the worthy opponent she has been looking for. Her skin includes a new model and texture with visual effects that shows colors of pink, rose petals, and of course, heart. Her sound effects, on the other hand, include glittery tones and adorable musical notes. For her recall animation, Fiona shows off her fencing skills before dolling herself up for a night out with her friends.


Heartbreaker Vi and Heartpiercer Fiora are both available for 1350 RP. These skins are now available to buy at the League of Legends store. To be able to access them, make sure to update and download the newest patch on your gaming laptop or PC.

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