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League of Legends Lunar New Year Skins

Riot is celebrating this Year of the Water Pig with three new skins for Tahm Kench, Sejuani, and Vayne. This is a part of the annual Lunar Revel event that has been ongoing since 2012.

So without further ado, let’s check 2019’s Lunar New Year skins:

Coin Emperor Kench

Coin Emperor Kench has arrived in the Rift to get his hands on all the golden coins there is. This new skin gives Tahm Kench an all-new model and textures, where his armors are all gilded in gold. It also comes with new visual effects which feature coins, smoke, and pigs. His sound effects give us some festive tones and coin jingling.

For his recall animation, Tahm Kench gets to show us how he celebrates the Lunar New Year–by gobbling down a very, very large meal all on his own.

Firecracker Sejuani

Firecracker Sejuani is ready to fight alongside with his loyal partner Bristle. The new skin includes an all-new model and textures for Sejuani, giving her a Lunar-inspired look while transforming Bristle into this adorable pink pig with golden armor. Her new visual effects include beautiful golds and fireworks explosions. Her sound effects, on the other hand, include tonal metals and magic.

For Sejuani’s recall animation, Bristle does a piggy dance party to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Firecracker Vayne

Firecracker Vayne has been summoned to hunt those who have fallen to darkness. Her new skin includes an all-new model and textures, complete with a piggy crossbow to celebrate the Year of the Pig. Her new visual effects include beautiful gold coins and firework explosions. Her sound effects give tonal magic and metallics, and fireworks being shot off.

Vayne’s new recall animation shows her striking a few poses before shooting off fireworks with her crossbows.


To check out these new Lunar Revel skins, download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming PC.

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