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New League of Legends Blood Moon Skins for Aatrox, Pyke, and Sivir

League of Legends released the latest champions to receive the Blood Moon skins: Aatrox, Pyke, and Sivir. These champions are turned into Blood Moon versions, bringing chaos and darkness to the Summoner’s Rift using the dark and sinister energy from the Blood Moon.

Let’s check them out:

Blood Moon Aatrox

As the ancient manuscripts described, the orbit of the Blood Moon is a cosmic womb, not as a celestial phenomenon. And as the season comes and the cult activity rises, there were sayings that a new kind of demon will be born.

Blood Moon Aatrox features all-new model and textures, complete with a Blood Moon sword and crimson wings in his demon form. His new VFX include fluid deep reds and crimsons, while his SFX feature Shakuhachi flourish of notes which is combined with massive blade slashes. For his recall animation, Aatrox harvests the energy of the Blood Moon to make him stronger.

Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Edition

Blood Moon Aatrox has ascended in the mortal plane, born in the heart of the Blood Moon. He is a progenitor of all demons and the malignant darkness that will consume the world.

The Prestige Edition brings in new colors to Blood Moon Aatrox. His new model and textures include a golden armor and sword, and white demon wings. His VFX, on the other hand, feature deep golds and blacks with a touch of crimson.

Blood Moon Pyke

Blood Moon Pyke is a demonic spearfisher that lurks within the Blood Moon’s mirror dimension. Using his curved blade, he uses it to hook and drag demons up from the bottom of the world into their human host.

The new skin gives Pyke a specific Blood Moon look and an all-new VFX which showcase dark crimson and violet shades of ink splatter. He also has new SFX filled with unsettling and ominous sound. His new recall animation, on the other hand, shows how he uses his inks to drag his target into hell.

Blood Moon Sivir

As a newly anointed Blood Moon priestess, Sivir wields her weapon as a killing tool and a key to the hellish mirror world, where the demons are. Now they say, Sivir is no longer just a human but a monster.

This new skin brings in new model and textures to Sivir, giving her a Blood Moon blade. Her new VFX feature dark shades of crimson and violet, while her SFX feature dark and tonal Blood magic. Last but not least, is her recall animation that shows how the priestess embraces the energy from the Blood Moon.


To check the latest Blood Moon skins, update the League of Legends program on your PC or gaming laptop by downloading its latest patch.

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