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League of Legends Gameplay: Playing as Sylas

Riot has already released the first champion to join League of Legends roster of champions this year. And we are talking about Sylas, a magic-based fighter that can steal his enemy’s ultimate ability. Once a part of Demacia’s Mageseekers, Sylas was thrown into jail after killing three people when he accidentally stole a young mage’s magic. Now that he is free from bounds, his goal is to bring down Demacia, the kingdom he once served.

As 2019’s first champion, we’re going to break down Sylas’ skill kit and give you some tips on his gameplay:


As a mage-fighter, Sylas can continuously use magical attacks to pummel his enemies with shackles. He can beat down his enemies using his skill, Chain Lash, repeatedly. He can then follow it with a basic attack to activate his Petricite Burst. His ability Abscond, on the other hand, works best in eluding enemies or gank. He can then turn the tides of battle by choosing a target enemy to hook and attack with Abduct, then use a crushingly strike with Kingslayer.

Once Sylas have reached level 6, his gameplay turns to a whole new level. Using his ultimate ability, Hijack, he can steal the power of his enemies and use it for his own good. Later in the game, it will be easier for Sylas to seize the ultimate skills from his foes, and use it against them.

Items (Source from LoL Wikia)

Standard Item Build

  • Starting Items: Doran’s Ring, x2 Health Potion
  • Trinket: Warding Totem
  • Late Game Items: Sorcerer’s Shoes, Luden’s Echo, Void’s Staff, Lich Bane, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and Zhonya’s Hourglass


  • When using Sylas, make sure to optimize his passive skill by weaving in basic attacks after casting his abilities simultaneously. Use this tip to harass the enemy and take the upper hand on your lane.
  • When using your ultimate ability, Hijack, make sure to choose the skill ideal for the situation. Choose whether you should prioritize crowd control or go in for the kill by picking a brutal finishing mood.
  • Remember that you can’t Hijack the same enemy champion a while after you’ve taken their ability, so strategize before stealing your enemy’s ults. The key to playing Sylas is learning how to plan, pick, and use the right ultimate skill on your enemies at the right time.


Want to try the tips we gave you? Sylas is already available to play on League of Legends. Just make sure to download the latest patch on your gaming PC or laptop to update your current version.

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