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Developer Remakes Silent Hill P.T. with VR Support

Unreal P.T.

Let’s just face it, fans will never move on about the unreleased Silent Hill P.T. by Hideo Kojima. And this news will definitely prove it.

Apparently, a developer that goes by the username Radius Gordello has spent ten months remaking the game in Unreal Engine. And what’s even more amazing is that everything in the remake was done from scratch, including models, animations, textures, and the entire code. To top it all up, he even added a VR support.

The developer announced the game via Reddit and called it Unreal P.T. You download it for free on for Microsoft Windows gaming PC.

According to Radius, Unreal P.T. has a gameplay that is nearly identical to the original teaser game. However, he stated that he made a slight change to the game’s ending to make his version more consistent.

Silent Hill P.T. is the canceled installment of the Silent Hill series. It was supposed to be the first project of Kojima Productions in collaboration with Director Guillermo Del Toro. The game was utterly canceled after Hideo Kojima had a falling out with Konami and left the company. Fortunately, before that happened, a demo of the game titled P.T. was released on August 12, 2014, for PlayStation 4.

Following the game’s cancellation, P.T. was removed from PlayStation Network on April 2015. Since then, fan projects were released on the internet including the PC remake made by a 17-year old developer named Qimsar on July 2018, which Konami quickly shut down due to legal issues. We can only pray that the same thing won’t happen to Unreal P.T.

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