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Home » Conan Exiles Savage Frontiers and Seekers of the Dawn Packs Review – Great Additions That Make You Stand Out

Conan Exiles Savage Frontiers and Seekers of the Dawn Packs Review – Great Additions That Make You Stand Out

Conan Exiles Savage Frontiers and Seekers of the Dawn Packs

If you’re a gamer who keeps up on gaming news in general, you’re probably already aware of Conan Exiles’ rather tumultuous Early Access period, and subsequent total turnaround. Indeed, just when I thought that the open-world sandbox game based on Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Lore might fall by the wayside, Funcom stuck to their guns and deployed a vast multitude of updates and patches that have addressed pretty much every issue that it had.

The combat system is one of the game’s strong points, and is probably the most intricately realized of any sandbox game that I’ve ever played. The sheer amount of combinations that you can pull off while wielding the game’s many weapons is staggering, and more than just looking damn cool, are quite effective in battle as well.

The release of Conan Exiles from Early Access earlier this year (2018) also heralded in more crafting recipes, additional areas of its sprawling map that players could travel to (and build within), as well as lots of quality of life improvements.

Funcom has also done a fantastic job of offering DLC packs that don’t give gamers who pay for them any sort of unfair advantages. That is to say, all of these packs are completely cosmetic in nature, and besides looking really awesome and giving some flair to the game’s proceedings, don’t afford any game mechanic bonuses.

Beyond being cosmetically pleasing to look at, these packs also enhance the lore of Conan’s Hyborian world since each of them represent a distinct faction that make up its peoples. So, when Funcom released both the Jewel of the West and the Imperial East DLC packs shortly after the official launch of Conan Exiles, yougot to look like a real Aquilonian or Khitan (respectively) in-game, instead of just choosing their racial traits during the game’s character creation phase.

The more recent releases of both the Savage Frontiers and Seekers of the Dawn continue this trend, further allowing players to immerse themselves into the game’s setting, and enables them to look just like either Picts (Savage Frontier) or Yamatai (Seekers of the Dawn) folks. Simply put, there is a lot more room to role-play-it-up to their geeky heart’s delight (at least I do).

While the Savage Frontier pack gives players a well…savage, “outdoor-sy” look, complete with tusks and claws attached to their hide-laden bodies, the Seekers of the Dawn pack gives them a distinctly Japanese aesthetic, which is on par with the Chinese-themed, Imperial East pack released earlier this year.

Each pack also offers plenty of other content besides just wardrobe pieces. Purchasing them will allow you to gain access to 39 new pieces of building materials, 15 new armor pieces, 5 new pet skins, 12 new weapons, and 5 new warpaints. That’s a lot of content however you slice it.

You also get 9 new weapon choices based on whichever pack you bought, allowing you to further enhance your look and combat style.

The Conan Exiles Savage Frontiers and Seekers of the Dawn Packs are not only great additions to the base game, they also further immerse players within the lore of Conan’s brutally savage world, and will make you stand out a lot more, as well.

SCORE: 85%

Conan Exiles features pretty great graphics that make its fantasy sandbox gameplay truly shine. However, you want to have a pretty beefy gaming PC or gaming laptop in order to play it at a decent framerate. So, you may just want to invest in a decent gaming rig:

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