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Fortnite Removes the Infinity Blade in the Game

After rolling out its latest update, Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has removed the Mythic Infinity Blade in the game. According to them, the item turned out to be too powerful, allowing players to turn the tides of battle, especially during the endgame.

At first, Epic just removed the Infinity Blade series from the App Store but told that the item will still be popping in the game as a mythic weapon. However, after a lengthy discussion surrounding the feedbacks about the mythic weapon, Epic Games have decided that the Infinity Blade was too “OP” or overpowered to be included in the game.

Following that, the Infinity Blade was officially removed from Fortnite as of December 15.

In an official tweet, Epic Games stated that they have messed up and rolled out the Infinity Blade too soon, and without good counters. They also mentioned that they will be reevaluating their approach to their Mythic weapons.

Although the Infinity Blade was released to provide a new thrill to players, it caused a bit of fuss during the North American Winter Royale Tournament due to its overpowered build and harvest capabilities. This angered some of the players who have been grinding for weeks to prepare for the tournament. This further cemented Epic Games decision to take the mythic item from the game.

While there are those who didn’t like the overpowered item, there are also those who enjoyed it as well and wished to see it return in the game as a balanced item. But as of the moment, Epic Games hasn’t released any statement if they will revamp the item or not.

Fortnite is Epic Games popular battle-royale game that was released for a number of devices including Windows PCs and gaming laptops, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and XBox One gaming consoles, as well as on MacOs devices. The game was also released later on iOS and Android smartphones.

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