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Romero Games Will Release New Levels for 1993’s Doom Game

Doom Update

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Admit it or not, we all have been a fan of Doom when it was released in 1993, and we couldn’t get enough of its action-packed gameplay. It was one of the known games that pioneered the first-person shooting genre. And if you happen to be one of its die-hard fans, then you’d be thrilled to know that Doom is coming back in 2019 with new levels.

The game’s creator John Romero along with his team in Romero Games announced that they will be releasing a free megawad for the original Doom to be called Sigil. The news came on December 10th, on the 25th anniversary of Doom.

According to Romero, Sigil features a total of 18 levels, half of it to be played as a single player and the other for deathmatch. He also described it as the spiritual successor to Doom’s fourth episode. It is set to be released in February 2019, but players must have the original 1993 Doom to be able to access these new levels.

>But that isn’t the end of it. Romero Games will also release two limited edition fan boxes of Sigil from Limited Run Games. These fan boxes are called The Sigil Beast Box and The Sigil Standard Edition Box. Both of these fan boxes will feature music from Buckethead, a cover art made by Christopher Lovell, and two tickets, one of the Sigil and the other of Romero Games.

You can buy The Sigil Beast Box for $166, and The Sigil Standard Edition Box for $60. They will be available to pre-order until December 24.

I’m sure fans can’t wait to play the Sigil on their gaming PCs, am I right? If you’re a Doom fan like me, then leave a comment down below, and say what you think about this new update.

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