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Miscreated Review – Miscreated’s 1.0 Update Finally Creeps onto Steam

Endnight Games

I began as everyone does on Miscreated’s fictional Orca Island—with nothing except for the clothes on my back and a flashlight. As I wound my way through a dense forest, I foraged for some supplies and fashioned a make-shift backpack so that I could store more items within my rather limited starting inventory.

I stumbled into a town called Sultan and eyed its weed-choked streets for any signs of movement. I spied a couple of mutants here and there and was careful to avoid contact with them since I knew that even a single one was quite a handful to deal with, especially while being unarmed.

I ventured into a once-yellow, peeling, two-story house which had seen better days, and had just began exploring it for supplies when I encountered a shadowy figure standing in the kitchen. The figure didn’t move, and since time was fading into the evening hours I couldn’t see any features on it. So, I reversed course and left the place just in case it was a glitched mutant that hadn’t attacked me because of faulty AI or something.

“Hey, man…why didn’t you attack me?” a voice called out from the house I’d just exited. “I was just standing there and you didn’t do anything.”

“I’m not the kill-on-sight type. Plus, I couldn’t tell if you were a mutant or not,” was my reply.

From there, the stranger emerged from the house and we struck up a friendly conversation. We decided that adventuring as a duo would be better than going it alone, and we explored the rest of the town together. While doing so, we made it a point to take in some of the new changes that Miscreated’s recently released 1.0 beta release has to offer.

One of the most elementary changes (yet no less useful) that we first noticed was that there were now closeable doors on most of the buildings in the game. This comes in really handy if you’re on the run from one of Miscreated’s many types of baddies and need to slam the door on them in order to buy yourself some time.

Another thing we liked was that you can now power up houses if you hook external generators up to their electrical systems. If you decide to do so, you’ll find that all of their household appliances work, which means you can store items in fridges, cook food on stoves or in ovens, or just save yourself some time and use any microwaves on hand.

If food isn’t readily available you can always gather seeds and plant them within gardens, either in the backyards of your newly powered-up houses or other settlements such as a self-made bases. Successfully sowing seeds means you can reinvent yourself as a sort of post-apocalyptic hippie vegetarian.

Or, if being a carnivore is more your thing and you’re more of the manly man type, you can now utilize Miscreated’s new hunting system in order to stalk and kill wild animals to meet your daily dietary needs.

If you’d rather build up your own base instead of settling into a dilapidated house, there are now many new buildables on hand to work with. Along with the new expanded storage system that was released not too long ago, players can now construct fully self-sufficient bases and only need to venture out of them in order to search for valuable loot.

Interestingly, one of Miscreated’s main rivals (besides Rust and of course, DayZ), zombie-survival newcomer, SCUM, also just released an update that allows players to lock down dwellings. So, expect competition between these two to ramp up in the near future.

One impressive thing that Miscreated has over its competitors (so far) is that it comes with a wide variety of dynamic weather types. One minute you might be caught in a torrential downpour, and the next, a Nuclear Flash Freeze (AKA: Nuclear Winter) which can quickly kill you if you don’t seek out adequate types of shelter.

The latest 1.0 update marks Miscreated’s exit from Early Access and its debut as a full-fledged game with most of the features the developers promised from the get-go. It’s a fun-filled and gripping post-apocalyptic thrill ride that should appeal to many fans of the genre.

SCORE: 87%

Miscreated features pretty great graphics that make its survival gameplay truly shine. However, you want to have a pretty beefy gaming PC or gaming laptop in order to play it at a decent framerate. So, you may just want to invest in a decent gaming rig:

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