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Grand Theft Auto Online Releases Arena War Update

GTA Online

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The successful release of Red Dead Redemption may have gotten Rockstar Games busy, but that doesn’t mean they have completely forgotten their other games especially their critically-acclaimed online action-adventure game, Grand Theft Auto Online.

Rockstar Games announced last December 10th, the next big update for GTA Online called “Arena War,” which was then released the next day. As described by developers Rockstar North, the update features “a spectacular competition where ruthless gladiatorial combat is met with the bleeding edge of vehicular modification technology.” This makes the battles “highly-combustible.”

Aside from that, Rockstar Games also confirmed that the Arena War will feature a career path. It will allow players as well to rank up so they can acquire new weaponized vehicles inspired by the Mad Max technology.

Few of these weaponized vehicles that were teased by Rockstar North are the Oppressor MK II, a motorcycle with pairing guns; the Rat Loader Monster Truck, which resembles Mad Max’s own Fury Road; and the customized Weeny Issi Classic ready for the apocalypse.

Although GTA Online has monthly promos and discounts, the Arena War update is the first major update of the game after the After Hours update last July.

To get the arena update, you can download the Arena War on your Microsoft Windows gaming PC.

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