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Meet the Most Expensive Card in the Artifact Game


Photo Source: FOX Sports

The Artifact is the newest digital card collectible and video game from Valve and Magic: The Gathering’s creator Richard Garfield. It is a deeply-strategic and competitive card game that is set within the map of Dota 2.

The card game was just released last November 28 for $20 on Steam. And since it’s a collectible card game, it’s expected for players to shell out some cash to get rare cards for their deck. But one card happens to stand out for the reason that it costs more than $17.

Yes, that’s right. The “Axe” card, as spotted in the Steam Community Market, is being sold by players for $17.90 to $21.71. Some “Axe” card actually cost more than that, with its price depending on its seller/owner. This makes it the most expensive card in the game as of the moment.

Axe Card

Photo Source: Artifact

Aside from the “Axe” card, the “Drow Ranger” is also being offered at the starting price of $13.22, making it the second expensive one. Some other cards in the game also cost more than $10 or $5 like the “Kanna,” “Annihilation,” and “Time of Triumph” cards.

The Artifact is currently getting mixed reviews on Steam, probably due to the payment model issue which they have to address last month. But aside from that, the game seems to offer challenging and deep gameplay for card game fans to enjoy.

Valve described Artifact to offer players the highest-fidelity experience and most in-depth gameplay ever seen in a trading card game. This game is available for Microsoft Windows gaming PC and gaming laptops.

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