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LoL New Snowdown Showdown Skins 2018

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Snowdown Showdown is an annual event in League of Legends to celebrate Christmas. This year, Riot released a set of skins for champions revolving around the annual event and its snow theme along with a special game mode.

Let’s check out this year’s Snowdown Showdown skins:

Frozen Prince Mundo

The cursed and frozen prince has come into the Rift with his elegant ice sword.

Frozen Prince Mundo features all-new model and textures which include a regal prince outfit for the Madman of Zaun. His cleaver has also been upgraded into an ice sword. His new visual effects feature frosty blues and whites, while his new recall animation shows Frozen Prince Mundo trying to break the curse.

Winter Wonder Soraka

Winter Wonder Soraka is a lovely winter enchantress who came into the Rift to bring the holiday cheer.

Soraka’s new skin comes with a new model and textures, featuring her wearing a comfy winter coat and mittens. She also gets to have a new sparkly crystalline staff. Her new VFX include sparkly ice and snow, while her SFX features some icy and whimsical sounds. Last but not least, her recall animation shows how magical her ice powers are.

Ice King Twitch

The Ice King has finally made his way to the Summoner’s Rift, bringing the icy chill with him.

Ice King Twitch features an all-new model and comes with new textures, including winter blues and a kingly purple attire. His new VFX showcases some chilling toxins, while his SFX icy hits that will ring straight to his enemies ears. While his recall animation, shows him act and confirm his regality as the Ice King.

Snow Man Yi

Snow Man Yi might look like any other friendly snowman, but he can slice and dice his foes in a blink of an eye.

This new skin of Master Yi brings in new model and textures, dressing up The Wuju Bladesman with clothes perfect for an awesome snow day. It also features a new spell VFX with icy hits and a spectacular snowglobe. The skin also has a new SFX with super snowy sounds which can still pack a punch. Lastly, its recall animation shows a drawback of his chosen weapon.


To access these new skins, download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming laptop or PC. This newest patch also brings in the new champion, Neeko, The Curious Chameleon, which we feature in yesterday’s article.

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