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Valve is Working on its Own VR Headset

Half-Life 2 VR

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Two weeks ago, rumors circulated on the internet that Valve is working on their own headset. It was then followed with leaked images of the said VR headgear, which will separate Valve from the HTC Vive which it currently supports.

The leaked images were uploaded in the photo-sharing website Imgur. It was reported that the headset will feature a 135* field of view, which makes it on par with the HTC Vive display. The Valve headset is said to also come with new motion controllers called “Knuckles.” It will also feature two new cameras and will come with integrated headphones.

Valve VR

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But what makes this VR gear more interesting is that the headset was designed to be a part of the upcoming Half-Life game bundle. If some of you remember, Valve hasn’t released a new Half-Life game after Half-Life 2 which was released in 2004. Rumors said though that the upcoming Half-Life game that Valve is developing won’t be a sequel, but a prequel of the previous games.

These rumors aren’t new to fans anymore, as Valve has been leaving clues about the Half-Life VR since 2016. Two years ago, a code in Dota 2 was shown which include a phrase stating “HLVR.” Aside from that, there was also an update on the Steam VR app Destinations that mentioned the same code.

For now, no further details were announced by Valve. But if they are indeed developing their own VR set, then it might get released next year for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops, and Steam consoles.

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