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LoL Releases New Legendary Eclipse Skin for Leona, The Radiant Dawn

This coming 8.23 PBE Cycle, League of Legends is going to offer players with eight new skins.  And one out of these eight notable skins is a Legendary skin for The Radiant of Dawn, Leona. According to Riot, they’ve decided to focus the design of Leona’s Legendary skin around an eclipse, featuring two of the most well-known types of eclipses: solar and lunar.

Let’s check the two variations of Leona’s Legendary Eclipse Skin:

Solar Eclipse Leona

Solar Leona uses the power of the Sun to bless her with the power of the cleansing flame and shield her against the scourge of dark enchantments.

The Solar Eclipsing Effects include new tech,  featuring a new Solar Eclipse model for Leona and an ambient VFX for her ultimate and revert back upon death. It also contains new mode and textures such as her sword, shield, and an Eclipse Knight armor that evolves when she uses her ultimate skill. Her new VFX, on the other hand, empower her abilities with power emanating from her body when she uses her skills.

The Solar Eclipse Leona also features new SFX and VO lines that include a powerful audio fit for the legendary line and has unique VO lines. Last but not least, it features a unique Recall animation.

Lunar Eclipse Leona

Unlike Solar Eclipse Leona which uses the power of the sun, Lunar Eclipse Leona draws her strength from the power of the Moon to bless her with the vermillion shadow and protect her.

Lunar Eclipse Leona is the Eclipse’s second variation.  It features new tech: a Lunar Eclipse Leona’s model and VFX that evolve upon her ultimate. It also has new VFX which enhance her abilities and give her an aura, new SFX and unique VO lines different from Solar Eclipse Leona, as well as new animations.


Eclipse Leona is said to cost 2821 RP for both, and 1001 RP for each. You can check out these skins on the PBE cycle by downloading the latest patch on your gaming PC or gaming laptop.

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