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Ubisoft Announces Child of Light TV Show and Werewolves Within Movie

Child of Light

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Ubisoft has just announced the screen adaptation of its two popular games. Child of Light will be adapted into a live-action television show, while a live-action movie based on Werewolves Within is currently in development.

The two projects were announced by Ubisoft’s Director of Television Development Danielle Krenik as part of the company’s Women’s Film and Television Fellowship, a program which prioritizes women working in the film and entertainment industry. As part of its inaugural, Krenik chose Tasha Huo to write Child of Light and Mishna Wolff to pen the script for the Werewolves Within film.

According to Krenik as well, Wolff and Mishna were given a six-month development period for them to study and explore Ubisoft’s library for development ideas.

In an interview with, Tasha Huo explained how happy she was with her given project since she has long been a fan of Child of Light. According to Huo, she loved the character development of Aurora and how she discovers her real strength. She even described Child of Light as a playable fairytale video game that features a strong female heroine.

Mishna Wolff, on the other hand, was drawn to the investigative and deception aspect of the game. According to her, the live-action film she is currently working on will be a horror-comedy set in a small town, where its residents must point out who the true werewolf is.

Both of the games have a decent following and fanbase, Child of Light is a platforming RPG video game released in 2014, while Werewolves Within is a multiplayer VR game released in 2016. Both video games were released for PlayStation and Microsoft Windows gaming PCs.

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