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Overwatch Reveals Hero 29, Ashe of the Deadlock Gang

Ashe of Deadlock Gang

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Blizzard has released Overwatch’s latest hero, and she’s a damage-dealer named Ashe from the Deadlock Gang. She was announced during Blizzcon 2018 and was featured in McCree’s anime short which was highlighted in the event.

Similar to Moira, Ashe’s arrival came unexpected, but we are sure that the community is excited to see her in the game. That’s why for today, we listed down her abilities for you to check out:


The Viper

The Viper is Ashe’s first ability. Upon activation, her semi-automatic rifle gunfire quick shots. She can also use this to aim-down sights and deal a more damaging, precise shot.


She throws a stick of dynamite in a direction which detonates after a short delay or immediately if shot. The explosion from the explosive will light enemies on fire and deal damage over time.

Coach Gun

Coach Gun is Ashe’s third ability. She fires with her rifle gun, blasting enemies in front of her. The blast knocks the enemy away, while also propels Ashe backward for added mobility.


B.O.B is Ashe’s ultimate ability. Upon activation, she summons B.O.B, her trusted omnic sidekick. B.O.B will then charge forward and knock enemies into the air, and then fires them down with his arm cannons.


Ashe is Overwatch’s 29th hero and is now available to play in the game. To try her skills in-game, download the latest update of Overwatch on your Microsoft Windows gaming PC or laptop.

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