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New League of Legends: Program and Praetorian Skins

Along the release of Victorious Orianna, Riot will be releasing new four skins including four new skins from the Program theme and the new Praetorian theme. The Program skins are characterized by their futuristic look, while the Praetorian skins feature our champions as robotic-transformed creatures.

Let’s check them out:

Program LeBlanc

Program LeBlanc enters the Summoner’s Rift with a new futuristic look; with her head being a hologram projected by the mechanism on her collar. This new skin brings in new model and textures to LeBlanc, giving her a sleek, Program body, with a digital hologram head. It also comes with new VFX for all her spells including a digital ribbon cable; new SFX, and a new recall animation as she shifts her hologram head to fit the occasion.

Program Nami

Program Nami swims into the Rift with a new look. Her new model and textures, featuring a sleek, futuristic look that comes along with robot sharks. It also features new particles for Nami, featuring green healing fluids and glowy circuitry. It also features new sound effects with robotic energy, new VO processing on all of her voice lines, and a new recall animation that shows how Program Nami recharges herself.

Praetorian Fiddlesticks

Praetorian Fiddlesticks waddles into the Rift as a creepy robot. This new skin features new models and textures which includes an enhance scythe-ax for Fiddle. It also comes with new VFX including metallic bluish greys on his killer projectiles, new spooky and techno sounds for his SFX, and a new recall animation featuring his animatronic bird.

Praetorian Graves

Praetorian Graves has been deployed to the Rift to test his new skills and enhancements. The new skin gives Graves an all-new model and textures, featuring him all armored up in metal; new VFX with bullets that can penetrate through anything; and new SFX for all his spells. Last but not least, he also gets to have a new recall animation that shows how a Praetorian gets to be repaired.


The Program and Praetorian skins are part of the 8.22 PBE Cycle. To check them out, just download the latest patch for the PBE server on gaming PC or laptop.

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