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Microsoft Confirmed XBox Pass is Coming to PC

Believe it or not, it seems that Microsoft XBox Pass will soon be making its way to your Microsoft desktop computers and gaming laptops.

The news came via Windows Central, where Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella revealed the company plans for the 2019 Q1 earnings call which includes the introduction of the XBox-only service to PC. The action plan was decided primarily due to the success of Netflix and other subscription-like services similar to it.

As of the moment, Game Pass offers over 100 games for users to download which comes with a monthly subscription fee of $10. These games include Microsoft exclusive releases like the highly-acclaimed Sea of Thieves, and the latest racing game Forza Horizon 4.

No details were given as to how Game Pass will make its way on PC yet, but there are few speculations that it will be used as a conjunction to PC’s Microsoft Store.

As we all know, Microsoft has always supported a cross-buy and cross-play feature, even launching their own Play-Anywhere program. This program allows the user to play the games they buy on both PC and XBox. For example, if you purchased Overwatch for your gaming laptop, Play-Anywhere will allow you to play the game on your XBox One console too, provided that you use the same account on both devices.

Aside from Game Pass being released on PC, Microsoft confirmed that an app version of it will also be released for Android and iOS smartphones. The app will allow users to manage their catalog and even remotely install games to their XBox One.

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