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Final Fantasy XIV: Interview with Genos Axel

This interview was conducted by Erick Daniel from Forbes and Ben Bridge from the Famfrit Server Facebook page.

(Featured Image credit to Angela Leyvas)

Geno, how are you today?

Doing pretty good, yourself?

Not too bad.  You want to start this now or later?

I’m as ready as ever!  I didn’t think I’d be doing one of these ever again.  Mostly, I was waiting for MAK to get back to me about doing a verbal interview.

You don’t disappear like that on us!

I’ll hit you hard now.  Is the header image supposed to mean something?

You can interpret it however you like!  All I know is that it’s an image of my character riding Omega with a championship belt!  There’s nothing to go off of!

We’ll revisit this FFXIV later because I know there’s screenshots of you playing.

What have you been up to since retiring from your characters?

A ton of other games from Monster Hunter World, MapleStory 2, Dota 2, and I’ve even recently picked up StarCraft 2 again!  I feel like with StarCraft I’m back at home again.  I’ve played some customs with some people but I won’t be laddering again until the new patch comes out since I started really late into this patch cycle.  What’s more interesting is that I’ll even be casting for a small organization soon!  This retirement has been amazing so far.

How do you feel StarCraft 2 has changed since you’ve last played?

The use of Cyclones is one thing but because fundamental StarCraft stays with me, I just had to learn some of the new builds and new units to be able to play unranked.  My Terran vs Protoss is still my weakest match-up and I’m beginning to get my powers back.  I think the game is faster paced so mid game comes sooner and both players get to more than three bases.  I’ve only been playing Terran against friends who are in the 5200 MMR Masters range so it’s hard to get a grasp but it should help my casting a lot.

As far as my match ups go, my Terran vs Zerg had to change from using the 2-1-1 build because I lost my micro abilities over time so now I have to 1-1-1 to get hellions out and harass then I transition into bio because I feel like I have to keep the pressure on.  One day I’ll figure out Terran vs Protoss!

I’m still feeling out the current patch.  They really sped up the early game.

Which organization are you commentating for?

The SCVRush!  They produce their own tournaments for all levels of play.  I don’t care for any deal, I just want to cast games!  I haven’t felt this excited for anything in a long time.

What was it like to come back to StarCraft after so long?  You were playing FFXIV for a while but to come back to StarCraft must have felt so shocking considering how different the two games are.

It was shocking yes but I came back to play co-op mode with my friend Soda just to play the game again no matter how casual.   Looking at some of my friends still laddering, looking at my banners for my rank, looking at my old twitter header, watching GSL, and talking to some people made me realize just how much I missed the game.  I actually almost teared up looking at my banners because they hung like championship banners that sports teams have.  It made me just say to myself “that was me that did that” and it was on the client inside the game so I didn’t have to access info from an external website.  I still look in awe and I’m still reminded of those days.  Sorry to go on about this but this is the game that ultimately changed my entire life so it’s going to stay with me for a long time.  I really felt like my life force came back to me.

What was your first actual game like?

It was actually me queueing unranked 1v1 to see if I could still do it and it started coming back to me after a few games.  A lot of my knowledge was just hitting me at once so it was just about being able to ride the bike again.  I didn’t win the first game and it was a Terran vs Terran on Parasite LE but I didn’t know anything about the maps.  My opponent was in Master’s League trying out a new build but I was still trying to find my footing.  I did end up facing him again the next day although I won he queued into me again and ended up winning.  My record after that was 6-3 and that was after I finally did research and got some of my powers back.  I don’t think I’ll ever be the same since my wrists cannot hold up to that much pressure anymore.

Do you think you’ll ladder seriously?

No.  I think if I ladder it’ll just be casually and if it hit masters cool but otherwise I don’t expect to grind out 20 games a day but rather maybe 4-5 a day.  My Twitter header actually showed one of the challenges I did which was to get to rank 1 masters in under 200 games.  I felt like the best player in the world when I did it!

It’s an awesome header!  Now onto the Final Fantasy XIV questions you’ve been dying to answer. 

I’m sure you’ve already said reasons for your retirement but do you ever miss raiding?

I don’t actually miss raiding as in playing the content but rather the comradery of raiding.  There’s a lot of really cool people I’ve met that I wish I hung around with more but unfortunately I don’t want to play the game just to hang out with them.  I honestly find the game to be too boring and logging on to only raid isn’t worth it to me.  The challenge of raid was just memorizing a dance but I found that even people who were bad could master the salsa so I could never understand why people couldn’t learn raids fast enough.  Learning dances got old to me.

I take that back.  What caused you to stop playing on your characters?  Could you walk us through what happened?

Sure.  I woke up one day and decided to uninstall and then I went back to sleep.  I felt like too many people were ungrateful of what I was doing for them especially when it was giving them progression.  I’d get DMs expecting to raid when they could just be using party finder themselves.  This is also why I stopped helping people with setting up groups for raiding.  I didn’t mind not being thanked since I knew going in that it would be a thankless job but I didn’t need people to be snarky when I was volunteering my time.

The last real time I ever had fun was during Deltascape because of how new the people were going into NEO Exdeath which made it really special for me.  I was injured heavily but it was still really fun.  It isn’t that I didn’t like my groups in Sigma but I was already thinking of quitting during progression.  Physically, I could go for 1,000,000 tiers now but mentally I couldn’t stomach more progression because I would just get mad and I decided to take a friend’s advice and just quit.  Don’t get me wrong, there are people I still deeply care about but unfortunately there’s just too many sour apples for me to keep playing.

One of the biggest things that caused me to quit was me missing family and friends’ life events and I realized I had to stop.  I guess my negative perception of people because of the game also affected it. It’s okay now but it was really bad before.  I did quit on my own and I didn’t speak to anyone about it until I informed the statics I was inquiring to that I wasn’t going to be available for them.  Soda and Ben only knew hours after I had already uninstalled the game.

How injured were you exactly?  In your interview with Entropy Gaming, you mentioned this and it’s been noted but I don’t think we ever knew the extent.

My wrists flared up several times during NEO progression but funny enough, it actually was at its worst when the first clears for some of the new people happened.  I didn’t let on that I actually needed help so I just congratulated them and then got the hand warmers out as fast as possible.  Another thing was that I couldn’t switch out of my oaths and I couldn’t execute my rotation well enough so I had to actually press combos I could think of just so I could relieve my hand for a little bit.  I didn’t need the surgery after getting consultation on it but I was forced to get a few shots.

Like I said in the last question, my hand is beyond well enough to go for a long time raiding but I cannot execute in StarCraft anymore.

Has anything changed since you stopped?

The DMs were actually dying down during Sigma but then they shot right back up during this tier.  There’s much more active DMs at exactly 65 although I wake up to 300+ daily.  It’s a little different because now I’m getting 50% FFXIV and 50% other but a lot of the “other” is from StarCraft and Borderlands.

To my earlier point about the drawing, is it symbolism?

No, I haven’t done anything on my characters!

Alright I’ll stop but going back to raiding a bit more, you’ve played with statistically some of the worst raid groups ever.  How did you manage to do it?

This is why they draft me to play quarterback isn’t it?  For moments like that?

I did it by getting drinks with my friends every Friday at the bar because there was no way I could tolerate it.  Unfortunately this is what happens when you get into groups that don’t have the same goals as you do.  Anyway in all seriousness, I actually just stomached it and told them I’d call everything out but I’d be going with other groups on my own time so I could get the real progression out of the way and I’d at least have my clear even if my real group wasn’t there yet.  They were friendly enough at the time for me to be able to tolerate bad progression.

Shoutout to the Sunday group by the way!

What do you think is an underrated aspect of being a raid leader?  Also nice week two clear!

I might be a little long winded but here you go.

People need to understand their members more otherwise they will “lose the locker room”.  One other thing is to morale check with their members and see if they are doing okay otherwise people will just go through the motions.  Raid leaders don’t take the time to understand who they are going into battle with so the raid only sees that person as a dictator.  There is a difference between playing for and playing with someone and people should know the difference.  A lot of problems would be solved if people actually took the time to iron out the smaller details that goes into leading.  Arguing happens in everything but both sides have to see the bigger picture instead of proving who’s right because both sides are actually wrong.

People also need to be very careful with who they confide to because a lot of them will only reinforce bad ways of thinking and won’t have any real substance in what they are saying.  Some people do sanity checks which is good but are they actually talking to the right people?  That’s the real question that has to be answered because a lot of the people they confide to are friends that aren’t completely honest.  They’ll just take that person’s side without actually seeing the bigger picture just to get done with the conversation.  The best people to talk to are people who lead competitive teams because they have actually seen more and can give better guidance.

I’ll just go into it now but raiding is a business.  Unfortunately, raiding with friends might sound like the best case scenario but people will ultimately have different goals, philosophies, and investments.  A lot of the stars will never align but people will make compromises. It’s a matter of if the compromises are actually worth the pay in grit.  Do people believe in the leader enough to sacrifice certain things?  The leader is a good player but do they make the people around them better?  These are the kinds of things that have to be looked at.  People can also apply this concept to the real world.

It is one thing to feel like you have to save your teammates but it’s another for them to feel like they are joining the party.

On the flip side, the raid leader also needs support from their group.  If they don’t feel like they are getting anything from their group, they’ll just be barking things just to see if something will happen.  It’s also on the others to step up and help alleviate some pressure the leader might be facing.  Remember, they have feelings too!  I’m just surprised these things get lost on people because they just want everything done for them.

There’s only a few people who I can say that understand these concepts.  With how many groups broke due to arguing, it disappoints me because I know things could have been handled differently.

(Credit to Alice To)

Anyone in particular?

DocYen.  He just won ESL Masters for Rainbow Six Siege!  The ones in XIV already know who they are.

What was it like covering the World First race in XIV when you did do it?

It was actually easy because Frosty had everything set up for me and all I really had to do was put out the interview for the winner and that’s it.  The charts and interviews were done to make everything feel bigger than it normally would.  A lot of people liked them but unfortunately other things take priority now and it was incredibly time consuming to come up with the graphical charts.  Even for the server first race on Famfrit, we had a hard time because by the time anyone cleared, other projects would have taken off and the charts would be on the back burner.  FFLogs these days does a good job of tracking everything.

Do you think you have inspired anyone? 

No not really.  I just say ridiculous things and meme from there.  I’m mostly a glue guy rather than actually being a good player.  In Creator, I was told that people would watch my group’s clear videos for inspiration although I feel like they are examples of what not to do.

Have you followed anyone’s progression?  What do you think of some of the groups trying for a week one clear?

I think the Destiny World Progression was amazing.  Did you see Goth get 60,000 viewers and hold it?  It’s the greatest sight I have ever seen.  I’m really proud that I recruited Goth to the stable, he really deserves all the success in the world.  A lot of Destiny’s tier two personalities would be tier one in a lot of other communities.

Oh right, FFXIV.  I only followed a few groups and a few other people but I didn’t care for the world first race or anything like that.  A lot of people I knew played during week two so they beat the tier the same week they started so I can respect that.  There seemed to be fewer groups this time around anyway so it felt like one giant joke to me.  Most people who proclaimed to be world progression level ended up beating the tier in week three.  The groups going for week one kills were extremely bad especially on primal.  They got walloped by a padded scholar turned into AST who is a painfully average healer.  I think if a group says they will “try” for a week one clear and don’t get it, they weren’t good enough In the first place.   What sucks is that there were groups like Critical Rip and STR that have definitely seen better days and these are their absolute weakest iterations.  I wonder if they had Controller Problems along the way or if their heads were stuck in an Abyss.  Maybe it was real players like China and Fale who carried all of them the whole time.  They should pony up and replace those cheap knockoff melee DPS with a real one like Alice.  All of them copy him anyway!  The best NA progression player decided to play World of Warcraft but it’s not like anyone was beating Entropy anyway.

I think we just proved who actually belonged in real progression and fraud detected the video tracers who just get their parses padded because they have to mask how terrible they actually are.  The funniest thing is how much parroting this community actually does because their game knowledge is lacking.  It makes me wonder if those legend titles were bought.

I still can’t believe Yoko beat everyone.

What are the perceptions of this tier?  I won’t go any further with the question.

O10S is full of bad battle design otherwise the rest of the tier is incredibly easy from the people I trust to talk about raiding with.  A lot of O12S is just mechanics from Alexander but remixed otherwise it was incredibly boring for the people I spoke to.  It’s not harder than any other tier in this expansion.

Any advice for anyone?  Don’t say anything about quitting!

LOL.  I don’t really have advice but I will leave people with this because it’s something people don’t think about.  Everyone should think about life outside of FFXIV and I hope they pay attention because there’s a lot of people in that “trying to find themselves phase”.  Is there someone out there who actually found it and still doing more?  Is a bit more battle tested?  Makes play after play?  Is still helping everyone?  They still sticking around?  What did they do?  Maybe we should be speaking to that guy!

Would you consider coming back to 5.0?

No.  The game is too stale and the servers are bad.  I’m sure people that I know will still play but the game isn’t for me and hasn’t been in some time.  I really only stayed in XIV because of the people but I feel like I can talk to them on Discord when I feel like it.

Are there any regrets you have?

I thought about this and while it may have been nice to do progression with some friends who were recruiting me I decided against it after talking to a few friends.  It might have been fun but I didn’t care so much for progression.  So no I don’t have any regrets.

(Depiction of Geno’s retirement – Credit to Karen Ye)

We’re moving into the Dota 2 questions now.  This was a late addition since you reached Immortal and I’d like to say congratulations! 

Why be a Legend when I can be Immortal right!?

I’m just playing!

Thanks!  I didn’t know how much meaning it held until this last week.  It’s almost life changing really.  A lot of my life has changed.  I’ve gotten a couple of offers from a couple of teams to be a substitute but I probably won’t take them up on it.  There was a consulting job offer from a hotel company that I’m current mulling but I’m not sure of my plans yet.  A lot of professional play is really brutal in scheduling and I’m not willing to give up my work for it.

Why did you come back?

I wanted to play an extremely competitive team game to see where my skills were at considering how long I was playing XIV for.  My friend Soda ended up telling me I was washed up so I had to do something about it.  I had a real fear that my skills had declined considerably.  Turns out I was held back by groups that were carrying some bad players that held back my potential.

One of the biggest reasons for me coming back isn’t about the love of the game but my love for wanting to play at a faster pace.  I normally want to play at the fastest pace humanly possible and XIV never allowed me to play at that pace because of how restrictive the battle system is.  The faster pace allows me to be more engaged with the game and it also allows me to personally enjoy it more.

Now to get to the meat of this thing.  What have you learned from FFXIV that you can take into Dota 2?

That is a really good question.  There is nothing game play wise that I can think of.  As far as the teamwork aspect, I think the shotcaller dynamic during raid is interesting but in a game like Dota you need everyone’s communication to win.  The strategy forming differs from game to game in Dota because each one is different from the last while in XIV, each fight is the same and never changes but people are adapting to each other and then trying to beat a script.

I’m not trying to belittle anyone that raids because I respect the grind and I’ve been there and done that but it’s just different in a competitive game.

Will you take up casting?

I don’t think so.  The commentators that are in the scene now are really good at being analytical.  My game knowledge is actually lacking with late game item builds because I’m still learning the items and only relying on what I’m yelled at to build.  I also feel like the constant undercutting between casters is extremely horrible.

You may not play professionally but will you participate in weekly tournaments?

I probably will just to get a feel for it again but I really lack high level gameplay knowledge to be able to do anything remotely useful.  Since I play carry/mid now, I think my skills will translate better but there’s absolutely no way I can play support again.  Right now, I’m just enjoying myself!

You used to play support and won tournaments even almost qualifying for The International but what’s different about it?

My actual first role was Solo Mid.  I only switched to support because there’s too many mids in NA and not enough supports.  I’m active and shotcalling enough for me to be our actual support.  My style of support was the position five.

A lot of the in-game responsibility actually belongs to support players but it isn’t just warding and creating space but they can dictate the entire pace just by feeling out the game.  A support player has to know how the game is going and how to make the most immediate impact to help their team win.  I know when I played it I wanted to go 100% HAM because I felt like my team would play too passive so I wanted to turn up the pace and also force our opponents to try and react to us which is harder to do.  My knowledge definitely isn’t there to play support at this point in time.

How is playing the mid and carry?

It’s extremely different from what I used to do that’s for sure.  My feel for last hitting and knowing when to gank suit me best for playing mid.  I knew that for me to understand the game again I’d have to take up carry and mid since their mechanics are easier for me to pick up.  Playing carry, I was able to see the game again and ask my teammates how I should be spending my gold even if I got flamed.  The best part about it was that the game would slow down for me to pick up.  If there were a couple of things that didn’t leave me, it was timing auto attacks and my laning ability.

It’s insane how I’m still learning as I’m climbing ladder.

So since reaching Immortal, have there been any job or business opportunities?  You mentioned it earlier but it’s extremely sudden.

Oh I understand.  I got an offer to play on a couple of teams as a sub but I won’t take it up like I mentioned earlier.  The hotel is just because a lot of tournaments happen in all parts of the world so they thought to bring in a consultant to see if they could get someone who can understand players better.  I believe they only spoke to me because my rank is Immortal otherwise they wouldn’t say anything to me at all.  It’s actually ridiculous how getting one rank and talking to people can land so many opportunities.

How long did it actually take you to get to Immortal?

When I quit FFXIV, I went back to playing Dota 2 and it started out as a few games here and there but once I re-placed back into Divine I realized how close I was to Immortal.  When Omega Alphascape came out, I would play a go from a few games to about 6-7 games every day and I just got closer and closer to getting it and then it happened on the day Cloud 9 swept Afreeca Freecs.  Of course it happens when I’m watching League of Legends.

The only way I was able to achieve this was that I had to sacrifice my hero pool so I only got good at a handful heroes to be able to at least carry games.

What do you think of the esports side of Dota 2?

It will still be a big game and still be one of the biggest games in the world but it will still be incredibly top heavy.  I actually think Dota is only interesting when there’s a major and when The International happens otherwise a lot of games are meaningless to me.  This is only speaking from a spectator stand point.

Any advice to someone trying to climb ladder?

Yes!  This will apply to most moba titles but the big money advice is that you should look at your minimap after every successful last hit.  It will help build your awareness especially in mobas that use junglers as main roles.  The basic advice is to get good at a handful of meta picks and then dominate.

We move onto your favorite part!  The business section!

I can’t believe we made it!

This will only be related to Dota 2 and Final Fantasy XIV but will not be about streaming.

Will we see Final Fantasy XIV or Dota 2 back on Machinima Realm?

No.  They don’t deem either game worth investing into.  My deal with them actually ran out last year and I had been signed since 2012.  Originally I did the “Dota 2 Random Moments” when I was helping JoblessGarrett get footage.  Dota is a popular game but it did really poorly after a long time since Minecraft and League of Legends just kept pulling hundreds of thousands of views.  With Final Fantasy XIV, one of the NEO Exdeath clears actually did over 250,000 views but they decided to get rid of it to clear out the channel for Overwatch and even more League of Legends content.

There was money paid out right?  What did you do with it?  Better question, what have you done with all the CPM payouts?

I’m holding onto it now until I go buy people their drinks because I only got it settled recently.  Anything ad related that had the groups in it, I actually gave them Amazon vouchers or at random points I paid for things like food or drinks at the end of every tier.  If they are finding this out now, I tried to say something at a lot of different points but people were memeing too hard for me to be heard.

The settlement part of it was really complicated.  They never actually agreed to pay me on a flat rate for ads so I ended up getting a huge chunk of percentage out of the entire thing which is probably enough to feed eight people at a decent restaurant depending on where it is.  It was a very long and tiring battle that I’d wake up to and never finish but it got settled very recently after months of constant fighting.  I’m just glad it’s done now.

Are there issues with that being RMT in XIV?

No.  I’m just giving them what they earned.  Content creators get paid for doing all kinds of things.  In other games, I used to take my teammates out for dinner every year and it wasn’t an issue then.  If people buy runs for their content, that’s their choice I really don’t care.

Have you thought about making another esports organization?

This will be very detailed so you’ll have to follow me.  Yes I’ve talked about it with a few people who were interested but unfortunately the upstart cost of just owning the organization is extremely high.  If I had to give a dollar amount, we believed that it would take $1,500,000 to do it right straight out of the gate.  This doesn’t take into account filing the company and all the other outside costs like finding property for training etc.

One thing people also don’t take into account is lawyer fees since there is a lot of legal involved especially when transferring players.  There’s a lot of legal language in contracts that talk about all sorts of things like training in MMA being a danger to the hands and what to do if an injury occurs.  With a lot of these lawyers drafting, it costs a lot of money per hour.  The lawyer I used to solve some cases cost me around $400 per hour and I don’t even want to talk about the retainer price.  Speaking of my lawyer, I just used her again to solve another case completely unrelated to gaming.

What some people also don’t understand is that it still takes money to get those sponsorships.  For someone starting out, they already have to pay up front costs just to attend those trade shows and all those conventions just to see if these booths have someone they can talk to about hopefully landing that first sponsor.  What’s tougher now are the requirements because now organizations are supposed to become marketing companies to see how they can organize campaigns to brand and advertise those sponsors and their products.  This is where a lot of the money will come in because now we would need all of those mid-size streamers and players with decent skill and social media following so we can finally monetize those numbers.  That’s not all.  How about them appearing on shows?  Appearing on stage?  How do we sell that?  Those are things that have to be answered and what keeps a lot of these owners up at night.  The teams that are at the top are at the top for a very good reason.

At the highest levels, stock acquisitions take place and suddenly even more money is starting to pour in.  That is a level beyond me.

Would you guys ever sponsor a World First group?

No.  The best World First team already has all the best sponsors and no one else is remotely competitive.  Method is just too good for everyone else out there but even they became an esports organization.  I’ve heard of Redeem and World First to Fun which are incredible teams but there is no way we could guarantee a return for us if we were to sponsor them.  Once content is cleared that’s it and then there’s no more content for a long time.  I don’t anticipate it costing so much but the majority of their contracts would be incentivized just because of the nature of World First.  It isn’t just the team we would be paying for but also the manager to run all of that.  The idea of World First chasing things like items or easter eggs sounds really cool but it isn’t feasible.  If anything, they would have to be based in NA.

You mentioned casters undercutting.  What did you mean by that?

A lot of times you won’t hear about it because it’s kind of a taboo topic.  Commentators have a price for casting these games and the range goes from $10,000-$50,000 depending on the game and who the commentator is.  These days it’s a lot more than that now except in fighting games where typically it’s the third place amount that commentators get.  I didn’t hear much of it in StarCraft but in Dota 2 casters did this just so they could be in the premiere spots of casting but at the sacrifice of it hurting their livelihood.  I’m not sure it’s like this anymore but I know of a few casters that were making $15,000 per tournament but after people start undercutting they had to match at around $8500 and so they got out completely.  I think StarCraft and League of Legends casters make a consistent amount.

What other things do you have planned for the future?

A whole lot!  I believe starting early in 2019 I will have something really exciting to announce and would greatly benefit smaller partners and also help out affiliates!  I’m also working with a plush toy company to get out elephant plush toys.  It just sounds ridiculous coming from me but it was something I thought of when I was on the toilet.  The other stuff isn’t necessarily gaming related but I did mention the plush toys which came to my head first in stuff I was doing.  Well there is something MorninAfterKill and I are working on but that’s still in the planning stages and I think it really only pertains to him.  Otherwise I’ve just been chilling.  There’s actually something planned for the immediate future that relates to Fanfest but I should also have a new jersey coming in!

(Depiction of Geno as the Iron Terran – Photoshopped by Jak Mar)

Anything else?

This was long as hell!  By the time this interview gets released, things might be settled by then but I hope everyone learned a valuable lesson.  I feel like generally speaking I’ve been on this amazing streak since retiring but it’s still a great way to end XIV and go into a whole new world.  This kind of thing hasn’t happened in a long time and I’m glad I get to share the experiences with everyone!  It really does feel like I’m on cloud nine……but playing solo mid.

I think one thing that was never understood was how I introduce new people to our friend groups and static.  The reason why I talk them up so much is actually to inspire confidence in everyone that if I’m able to talk them up to a certain pedigree, they should also be confident in that person to do well.  I also think everyone is a big deal.  Although this probably falls in line with ridiculous things I say.

We’ll wrap this up now but we’ll leave the floor for your shoutouts.  I think we covered a lot today man.

It was a lot of fun!  I thought about how I was going to approach this but I’m going to start with all the people in the background of things because they help me a lot with all sorts of things.

SodaCan, Baguette, Bellygrub, Calpi, Confisery, Boweybear, Eresea, UsherT, Maguro Magnum, turik, sanity, Procyonlotor, Hattfatt, Thundergun_04, Daktari, JTMal, InfernoTitan, lovekills, DixonCreamPie, P-Killa, Jovial, MorriganBSS, Johnny Cupcakes, Iris Xiphium, Agublagu, Megatomic, Sagamantha, Forrest,  Jak Mar, MorninAfterKill, Cyco, Maguro, Rithyn Nyco, Alistair Castello, Avis “Raid Mom” Dreaming, lilmishi, Chicken Nick, BobaTime, and my mom

Next will be Discords – Situation Room, Happy Funtimes, MAK’s discord, Goad Diggers, Free Skan (<3), House of WAF-fle, jus b urselver, EX GosuGamers, wei is bae, All Avis Led Astray, Dragon’s Nest, Demisiancoven, Mitsu Manor, SCVRush, UV Rays, Eorzea Trade Company, NADCL, The Sloth Club, Pink Bunnies, AVLN, Cataclysm, Black Barons, Three Fats and a Lala’s Guestroom, Exalted, The New Salt Mine

Time for the fun part in all of these things!  The individual shoutouts at least for the XIV players!  I’ll shorten it this time around because there’s way too many people now but I will also include some new names.

Tae Jin (Hack Frost), Laos Rob, Mythena Hordeum, Daezo D’ren, Alesha Phoenix, Ike Takeda, Tsukiko Kanda, Mikoto Kreiss, Viridiana Maus, Aard Appel, Silaqui Amakiir, Iris Xiphium, Kira Kitsune, Princess Andrea, NPS Jason, Alice Carroll, Asagi Ryuu, Trap Queen Picorin, Kairi Knight, Rosaria Sykurwyn, Lex Aeterna, Sharpedo Vecy, Fuzzy Logik, Morgeth and Myasen Barenstark, Flara Starburst, Kat Beth, Nomine Stormrage, Travis Touchdown, Kharlyn, Kurinto Avalon, Bellator Lucis, Mila Lacewing, Varya Kimon, Poco Volante, Player Hana, Khatylana Steelmane, Kunuma Tenebrae, Pssych, Jalimey Limey, Jabba Jenkins, Kuradoberi Lockhart, Vienna Venom, Sweaty Boxer, Deth Storm, Hoseph Dong, Foxtail Blackfoot, Ruby Miku, “All the Fluffies”, Darere Dare, Soya, Traf, RainbowCarp, Starlight Glisten, Yin Feng, Saint Lukky, Judy Hopps (Yui Ayase), Jojomun Kokomun, Boup Boop, Black Owl, Tonsworth, Yoshino Akatsuki, Kya Purrcy, Jericho Greywolfe, Rina Ishida, Shingin, LostMyDog, Shingin, Sayo, Gucci, Cognate Prime, Yuveria Lior, Fiyero Flynne, Draconic Fires, True Fires, Porcupine Pattycake, Hrist Valkyrie, “The Lunes”, Corvux, Claire Dawnfried, Rem, Gokai Pink, Red, Yona Lieru, Youko Tsukimori, Rolance Choi, Near Aka’nate’river

If I missed you, I didn’t forget you!  I just wanted to make room for some new people to get in!

Last but not least, a final shoutout to Taco Bell!

1 thought on “Final Fantasy XIV: Interview with Genos Axel”

  1. bonkers in yonkers (@jimpjorps)

    This interview missed an important question: Who is this guy and why is he such a bitter dick about everything?

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