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League of Legends New K/DA Skins Featuring Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa

Get yourselves ready because the newest pop sensation is coming to the Rift! League of Legends K/DA is composed of four stunning ladies including Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa. This new pop group is one of the latest themes of skins to hit the PBE this month.

Let’s check them out:

K/DA Ahri

K/DA Ahri, the Pop Queen, is ready for her New World Tour along with the other members. The new skin gives Ahri an all-new model and textures, featuring mesmerizing purple crystal-like tail. It also features new spell VFX with flashy colors, new SFX for her spells including new beats, and a new recall animation that showcase a pop choreo of the K/DA crew.

K/DA Akali

K/DA Akali has come to the rift to showcase her dancing fashion style. The new skin gives Akali new model and textures including new golden knives, a new spell VFX with pop smoke and fancy graffiti, and an all-new SFX that enhances her style with music. Along with the other K/DA members, Akali’s recall animation features the choreography of their latest hit.

K/DA Evelynn

K/DA Evelynn is ready to dance among the shadows. The new skin gives Evelyn all-new model and textures with gold blades which she can use to lash at her victims. She also gets new SFX and VFX for her spells, featuring sharp purple and gold colors with a bright shine. Her new recall animation dance is similar to all the K/DA crew.

K/DA Kai’Sa

K/DA Kai’Sa enters the Rift with her stylish glides and slides. The new skin gives Kai’Sa a new model and textures sticking to the pop-group theme. She also gets new spell VFX featuring bright colors and crystals in her abilities, a new SFX which will get you in the groove, and a new recall animation that features K/DA dance moves.


The K/DA skins are part of the latest PBE Cycle 8.21 update. To be able to access this skin, you need to download the latest PBE patch of League of Legends on your PC or gaming laptops.

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