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League of Legends Halloween Theme 2018 Skins: Tales from the Rift

As part of the 8.21 PBE Cycle, Riot finally reveals this year’s Halloween update called “Tales from the Rift.” The update introduces Trick or Treat Ekko, Count Kledula, and Bewitching Janna.

Trick or Treat Ekko

Hallow’s Eve has come to Rift, and Ekko is ready to have a fun night of trick or treating. Trick or Treat Ekko gives our favorite Time Traveller a new model and texture which seemingly is inspired by the Los Muertos. It also gives Ekko new particles that feature spooky greens and purples, pumpkins, new sound effects including ghoulish screams and ominous tones, and a new recall animation.

Count Kledula

On the eve of Halloween, two costumed cuties were seen creeping in the Rift by the names of Count Kledula and Skaarl. The Count Kledula skin gives features an all-new model and texture for Kled and Skaarl. Kled is adorned in a vampire get-up, while atop his trusty steed is a batty Skaarl. It also features all new particles full of candy bats, and new sound effects with a passive and ult spooky music. Kled and Skaarl also get a new recall animation, with the two of them trick or treating.

Bewitching Janna

Finally, we got a cute witch who comes into the Rift to bewitch the hearts of his enemies called Bewitching Janna. The new skin gives Janna a dark and cute witchy outfit, as well as a new pumpkin cat friend. She also gets new VFX for all her spells, featuring ghosts, pumpkin cat, and a full moon. Janna also gets new spooky SFX for her spells and a new recall animation where she scolds her broom before flying off into the night.


To check these new Halloween skins, all you need to do is to download the latest PBE cycle patch on your gaming PC at League of Legends PBE server.

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