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Smite New God Reveal: Hera, Queen of the Gods

In mythology, Hera has always been associated with Zeus. She was his wife and was the Queen of Mount Olympus. Stories would only tell about her jealousy and anger with her husband’s infidelity. But she was more than that. Hera was also the daughter of two Titans, and she was the goddess of divinity. She just didn’t become a queen because she was Zeus’ wife; Hera became the Queen of the Gods because she was worthy of the title.

In Smite, Hera is a ranged magical mage, who can turn her enemies into anything she likes, and summon her champion, a creature born from her will and vengeance. And now she has come to the battlefield to rule:


Passive – Commanding Presence

Passive - Commanding Presence

Commanding Presence is Hera’s passive ability. Each time she deals damage with her basic attacks or abilities to an enemy god while Argus is inactive, Argus’ cooldown will be reduced. If Argus is active, on the other hand, he will be healed for a flat amount, depending on Hera’s Level.

1st Ability – Royal Assault

1st Ability - Royal Assault

Royal Ability is Hera’s first ability in the game. She damages enemies in a cone in front of her and then opens a portal for Argus to attack through. Enemy minions who are hit by the cone will be knocked into Argus’ path. Argus will then slam his fists at the target location, dealing massive damage. 15% more damage is given if both of Argus’ fists connect with an enemy.

2nd Ability – Polymorph

2nd Ability - Polymorph

Polymorph is Hera’s third ability. This allows her to weave magic in front of her before sending it out as an attack. Enemies that are hit with this ability will take damage. And if a god is hit by this ability, he/she will then turn into a monster for 2 seconds.

3rd Ability – Divine Shroud

3rd Ability - Divine Shroud

Divine Shroud is Hera’s third ability and a defensive one, to say the least. Upon activation, she shrouds herself in divine power, granting her a shield from damage and gives her temporary movement speed as long as the shield remains.

If Argus is active as she activates this skill, Argus will shine with the same Divine power as Hera. He will also receive an increase in radiant damage and a temporary boost in movement speed.

Ultimate – Argus, the Defender

Ultimate - Argus, the Defender

Argus, the Defender, is Hera’s ultimate ability. She summons forth Argus, crashing down at a location, damaging and knocking up enemies. Upon landing, Argus will then attack the nearest target.

Hera will be able to fully control where Argus moves through refiring an ability onto an enemy she wants him to target. She can also recall Argus to defend her if anyone tries to attack her or get close.

Argus also has a hit chain which starts as a normal basic attack. This then develops into a ground circle AoE which can slow enemies by 20% for about 1 second, into a line attack.


If you’re curious about Hera’s abilities, she is now available to play on Smite. You can download the latest patch on your PC or gaming laptop on Steam or at Smite’s official website.

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