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Overview of Fortnite Patch 6.02

Epic finally released its latest update for Fortnite, Patch 6.02, as part of the Season 6 updates. Released last October 11, the patch includes a limited time game mode, a new weapon, and a returning weapon. The update also fixed some bugs and includes improvements on the game’s performance and visuals.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the major features included in the patch update:

Disco Domination

Disco Domination brings the ultimate battle-royale game into a dance showdown. Dance floors are spawned all across the Battle-Royale island, and players must capture and defend them to raise the meter of their team. In this game, you must clear out all enemies on sight and dance to raise the disco ball from the floor. The team who fills the meter fastest will win the game.

The game mode divides players into two teams, each consisting of fifty members. It also features 50v50 levels of loot and resources.

Quad Rocket Launcher

The Quad Rocket Launcher is a new weapon you can use to earn an explosive Victory Royale. Use it to fire up to four rockets in quick succession. It is available in both Epic and Legendary variants. You can find this weapon in chests, Vending Machines, and Supply Drops.

Noble Launcher

The Noble Launcher is a powerful weapon that will let you fire a beam of piercing energy to your enemies.


This patch is now available to download on your gaming PC or gaming laptop.

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