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XCOM 2 Launches New DLC

XCOM 2 developers Firaxis Games and its publisher 2K Games have released the game’s latest DLC. War of the Chosen – Tactical Legacy was launched last October 9 for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops, bringing the game a new story, weapons, armors, and maps.

The DLC, as described by its developers, will tell a new story to the players that connect the story of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2.  

War of the Chosen – Tactical Legacy also brings in three new factions which have emerged to strengthen the Earth’s resistance. These new factions include the Reapers, Skirmishes, and  Templars. Each of these factions features powerful hero class soldiers to help you complete missions and unlock a new strategy layer.

But with new allies comes new enemies. The Chosen are the most cunning foe you’ll ever encounter in XCOM 2. One of their unique abilities is that they invade the strategy layer and also ravage XCOM’s global operations.

Aside from the faction and enemies, the DLC will also introduce a new alien called Spectre, which can create dark copies of XCOM soldiers and sneak onto the battlefield. Players must also adopt new tactics to counter advent threats such as explosive attacks from the ADVENT Purifier and ADVENT Priest.

The DLC will also feature new environments and mission objectives, an enhanced strategy layer which allows soldiers, scientists, and engineers to be deployed for Covert Actions. Greater customization and replayability will also be introduced in the DLC. There will be advanced campaign options which allow players to adjust the game’s length and difficulty.

Last but not least, the War of the Chosen – Tactical Legacy will have a new challenge mode where players can utilize strategy in new regular one-shot community challenges to claim the top spot.

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