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Upcoming Harry Potter RPG Leaked Online

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Last week, on Monday evening, a video of what appears to be a Harry Potter RPG probably for gaming PCs and consoles was uploaded online, taking the internet by storm.

For Potterheads, we all know that a mobile app game was released April this year called “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.” The app was developed by Jam City and was published by Portkey Games, a label under Warner Bros. But apparently, that’s not the only game Warner Bros. has been developing.

The video of the unannounced Harry Potter-based RPG was shared on Reddit by a user named VapeThis Bro. According to him, they were approached in a mall to watch a trailer and answer a short survey. Noting that the trailer was that of a Harry Potter game, he recorded the footage secretly and admitted that phones and cameras were not allowed. Apparently, he was lucky enough not to be checked by the surveyors.

The same video was also uploaded on Youtube on Oct. 1 by Rasta Pasta, an account which appeared to be only created to share the footage in the platform. But lo and behold, the video was then blocked by Warner Bros on copyright grounds.

To give you more clues, Warner Brothers currently owns the rights to create and develop games based on the Harry Potter franchise, with the Hogwarts Mystery being the first game to be released. Aside from Portkey Games, Warner Bros is also the parent company of another video game company called Avalanche Software, who was rumored to be working on a Harry Potter game in 2017. In fact, last year, Avalanche even posted a job ad, stating that they were looking for a writer who knows the British culture and can work on an RPG with branching storytelling.

Aside from the video, VapeThisBro also posted some of the in-game features that were mentioned during the survey.

The upcoming Harry Potter RPG will allow players to choose one of the eight different Wizard types in Hogwarts, experience a new magic system, freely explore Hogwarts and the Wizarding World, choose your house and friends, create your own witch or wizard, and decide whether to pursue a path of good or evil.

As for now, Warner Bros. hasn’t given any statement about the leaked footage, but we hope that they will confirm soon if the details are true or not.

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