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New League of Legends Skins: Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger and Infernal Amumu

Weeks ago, Riot has released a teaser video that shows a dragon egg hatching, giving players the idea that a new Dragon Trainer skin will be released. And lo and behold, Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger has come into the Rift, bringing his little dragon Pythagoras along with a fiery mummy called Infernal Amumu.

Let’s take some time to meet them:

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger is the newest yordle to join the ranks of the famous Dragon Trainers. With his vast knowledge, he nurtures and takes care of his baby dragons so that one day, they will be able to grow big and strong.

This new skin features all-new model and textures for Heimerdinger, which includes the little dragon that lives in his hair named Pythagoras. It also has new VFX and SFX for all his spells, featuring fiery magic, dragon sounds, and a lot of playful tricks from Pythagoras. Last but not the list, Heimerdinger receives a new recall animation, showing him doing a roll call on his baby dragons before they all fly away.

Infernal Amumu

Forget “The Human Torch,” because Infernal Amumu has come into the Rift to set everything on fire.

Infernal Amumu boasts of his new model and textures, with the developers setting him on a blaze and turning the little mummy aglow. The skin also features all-new particles that are loaded with fire and smolders, and an all-new SFX with sounds of fire, sizzles, and smolders. Lastly, his recall animation, with the mummy still trying to make friends but how could it be possible if he is always on fire.


To buy these skins, make sure to download the latest patch on your gaming computer. The patch also includes the champion rework of Ezreal, a few champion tweaks, and updates for the World Championship.

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