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League of Legends Odyssey Event: Meet the Champions

Odyssey Skins Event

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What we love about the League’s events is that they take time to create a new universe and stories that revolve around it. With the latest event released last month called Odyssey, Riot has already introduced us to its universe and characters. And for today, we’re giving the spotlight to those champions and their backstories.

Let’s get to meet the cast of Odyssey:


Shieda Kayn is the High Ordinal of the Demaxian Empire, following orders from Emperor Jarvan IV. However, he became obsessed with gathering as much power of raw ora within his body. He thinks that the power of ora will turn him into an invincible, immortal being.

After learning that there is a woman who can wield the power of ora, he went on a quest to get her. Sona is one of the few individuals in the universe who can actually unlock his latent powers through the artifact is known as the Ora Gate.   


Yasuo was a handsome man born into a life of luxury, who spent his nights, drinking from one high-end nightclub to another. But everything changed when he was framed for the murder of his brother. Running away from the authorities, Yasuo hijacked a ship and ran away with two lunatics named Jinx and Malphite.

He then formed his own crew named Morning Star and is on a mission to avenge his brother’s death while helping Sona save the universe from the evil Shieda Kayn.


Jinx, also known as the Morning Star Pilot, is the one responsible for building and handling the dangerous weapons of the crew. But more than building, what Jinx really loves doing is blowing up anything she likes. Consistently excited and kind of unstable, Jinx mostly enjoy doing things related to destroying such as obliterating moons for the fun of it or crash-landing in hostile planets filled with giant monsters and aliens.

It is unclear why Jinx is a part of the Morning Star Crew, but Yasuo and her have been allies ever since. She also thinks of Malphite as her best friend mostly because he can punch really hard.


Malphite is the Morning Star Engineer, an unknown xenotype who joined Yasuo and Jinx on their mission. He was once working as the pit boss of a deep space mining operation until Jinx, his best friend, blew the asteroid in half and got them fired.

Now, working a part of the Morning Star Crew, Malphite seemed to develop an inability to control his emotional outbursts. And thanks to his alien biology that gave him a rock-hard carapace, no one in their right mind would just want to pick a fight with him.


Sona is the most gifted child born to her order, with an innate ability to communicate directly with the ora-producing megafauna. After receiving an apocalyptic vision from them, Sona soon traveled with two other Templars to the edge of Ionia.

However, they were stopped by Kayn, and Sona was the only one who managed to escape with the help of Yone, Yasuo’s brother, who sacrificed himself in the process. With nowhere to go, Sona sought Yasuo’s help and joined the crew of the Morning Star to save the universe from Shieda Kayn, and the evil entity that lives within him.


Ziggs is a disgraced engineer, once known for revolutionary advances in ora mining. However, he lost everything when a young recruit and her manager rigged one of his devices, causing it to explode and destroy half of the asteroid.

Bitter about his misfortunes, he now travels in the universe, from one ora hotspot to the other, with the hope of regaining his former prestige while praying that he never encounters the two lunatics who caused his downfall.


To check out the Odyssey Event, make sure you have downloaded the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming PC or gaming laptop.

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