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League of Legends Releases Odyssey Event

Odyssey League of legends

Photo Source: Welcome Aboard | Odyssey Animated Trailer – League of Legends

On September 10, Riot released an official trailer for their newest game event on League of Legends called “Odyssey,” which features a new universe along with new gameplay, PvE game mode, emotes, icons, and mission rewards.

To know more about this new event, we decided to break down the details bits by bits.


Odyssey revolves around the story of the Morning Star crew and their quest to save the universe from the evil Shieda Kayn. The Morning Star crew comprises of Captain Yasuo, an exceptionally skilled swordsman who was framed for his brother’s death; the pilot Jinx who has a nick in blowing up things and is obsessed with Kayn; and Engineer Malphite, an alien with a hard rock body and strong punchy fist that can send you straight to space. Together, they help to protect Sona, a mysterious Templar, who can wield and use the power of the Ora in her hands — a power that Kayn needs to fulfill his plans.


Odyssey Skins

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The Odyssey Event will bring in six new skins in the store:

  • Odyssey Kayn (Legendary)
  • Odyssey Yasuo
  • Odyssey Jinx
  • Odyssey Malphite
  • Odyssey Sona
  • Odyssey Ziggs


Odyssey Emotes

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As part of the event, League of Legends will feature new icons and borders, and two new wards namely Space Lizard Ward and Gold Space Lizard Ward. Chromas will also be available for Odyssey Yasuo, Odyssey Jinx, Odyssey Sona, Odyssey Malphite, and Odyssey Ziggs. A new emotes bundle is also introduced called “Morning Star Misfits Emote.” Lastly, there will be 10 event bundles available in the game.


Odyssey introduces a new PvE game mode called Extraction and can be played on the new Crash site. The new mode will transport the champions to an alien planet where they can extra Ora from the wildlife to fix the Morningstar and escape.

Playing Extracting will unlock Augments, which you can use to upgrade your gameplay.


Odyssey Loots

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Aside from the new game mode, Odyssey will bring in new missions for players to receive rewards such as the Odyssey Token, Odyssey Orb, and Odyssey Gem to craft and buy items from the event.


The Odyssey is part of the Patch 1.18, which will also bring champion changes as Riot gets ready for the World Championship. To check out the content of this update, make sure to download the patch on your PC or gaming laptop.

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