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New High Noon Gothic Skins for Lucian, Urgot, and Thresh

High Noon Gothic is a skin theme from League of Legends, which features your favorite champions in an alternate universe set in a desert setting, giving them a western look. First released in 2010, the skin has gained a massive following from fans, spawning 13 skins including three of the newest: High Noon Lucian, High Noon Thresh, and High Noon Urgot.

Let’s check out the new High Noon Gothic skins:

High Noon Lucian

High Noon Lucian is a legendary hero who vanquishes demons with his holy guns. The skin gives The Purifier a new model and textures which includes two new guns and a fiery split cape. Lucian also gets to have new animations on almost all his actions. The skin also gives him new spell VFX, featuring a dark blend of the Wild West and some demonic accents, and a new SFX.

High Noon Urgot

High Noon Urgot charges onto the battlefield with a new look. The skin gives Urgot new model and textures, turning him into a railroad baron from hell. It also gives Urgot new VFX and SFX for all his new spells.  His VFX features all the dark sides of the westerns, while his new SFX gives off train horn sounds. It also features a new recall animation where Urgot bellows his monstrous laugh.

High Noon Thresh

High Noon Thresh hits the Rift with a new look. The new skin gives Thresh new model and textures, giving him a cow skull for a head and a fully functional whip as his weapon. It also has new VFX and new SFX for all spells, and a new recall animation. His VFX give Thresh some fire, smoke, and other iconic western looks, while his SFX include some cracks whip. On the other hand, his recall animation shows off Tresh’s with his rope tricks.


To purchase these new High Noon skins, update the latest patch on League of Legends program on your PC or gaming laptop. The patch 8.17 will not only include the new High Noon skins but also the Divine Sword Irelia and the Enduring Sword Talon.

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