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Dota 2 Releases 2 New Heroes: Grimstroke and Mars

Grimstroke, One of The Dota 2 New Hero Releases.

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During The International last week, Dota 2 announced the release of their two new heroes named Grimstroke and Mars.

Although there are no details released about Mars, Grimstroke was immediately released as a playable hero in the game. His character was revealed through a trailer shown by Dota 2, featuring Grimstroke’s in-game appearance and hints about his abilities and attacks.

In the trailer, Grimstroke was shown wielding a rune-binding brush dipped in profane ink. According to Dota 2’s official website, Grimstroke has been trained from a young age to become a guardian of his people.  However the path to power is never an easy one, Grimstroke sacrificed the lives of his entire race to earn the magic he has. Now the souls of his people exist as inky revenants, bound to his brush and appears as vicious spirits summoned in each stroke of Grimstroke’s brush.

Grimstroke along with his abilities will bring on new challenges to Dota 2’s gameplay. Some of his skills include Stroke of Fate in which Grimstroke paints a path of ink with his brush that damages and slows enemies. There is also the Phantom’s Embrace where he commands a phantom to latch on his opponent, damaging and silencing its target. His third ability, Ink Swell, allows Grimstroke to cover himself or an ally nearby in ink, silencing his enemy target while granting increase movement speed and immunity to attacks. After a short time, the ink bursts, causing damage and stunning all enemies in the area. Last but not the least is Soulbind, Grimstroke’s ultimate ability, which allows him to bind a targeted enemy hero to its nearest ally. The bind prevents each of them from moving away from the other.  Unit-targeted spells that either bound hero gets also affects the other hero.

Grimstroke is now available to play on Dota 2. All you need to do is download the latest update on your Microsoft Windows gaming PC or gaming laptop. For more information, you can check out Grimstroke official character page at

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