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Home » League of Legends Champion Update: Nunu and Willump, The Boy and His Yeti

League of Legends Champion Update: Nunu and Willump, The Boy and His Yeti

Nunu and Willump's Skills As Played In A Gaming Computer.

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Following the recent teaser of Nunu’s champion update, Riot has finally released the champion update abilities of Nunu and his loyal friend Willump. Together, they roam the battlefields of Summoner’s Rift, bringing in the cold wrath of Frejlord.

Let’s check out Nunu and Willump’s skill kit updates:


PASSIVE – Call of the Freljord

PASSIVE - Call of the Freljord

Call of the Frejlord gives Willump and a nearby ally an increase in attack and movement speed for a few seconds after damaging enemy champions, large monsters, or structures.

While Willump’s passive is active, his basic attacks will hit the immediate area for a portion of the damage.

Q – Consume

Q - Consume

When Consume is activated, Willump takes a bite of an enemy which deals true damage to monsters and minions, magic damage to champions. The attack also causes Willump to gain health and heal himself.

The heal also increase significantly when Nunu and Willump are low on health.

W – Biggest Snowball Ever

W - Biggest Snowball Ever

This ability allows Willump to start rolling a snowball that grows in size and speed. Crashing the snowball into enemy champions or large monster will damage them and knock them up. Reactivating this ability will then send the snowball forward in a straight line, damaging and knocking up minions in addition to the champions and monsters

The damage will also increase according to the size of the snowball.

E – Snowball Barrage

E - Snowball Barrage

Nunu rapidly throws up to three volleys of snowballs for a few seconds, which damages champions and monsters and marking them with Snowbound. Enemies that are hit by all three snowballs will be briefly slowed.

When this ability ends, all Snowbound enemies near Nunu and Willump are rooted for a few seconds.

R –  Absolute Zero

R -  Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero remains as Nunu and Willump’s ultimate ability. They will sap heat from the area around them, gaining shield and increasingly slowing enemies during channeling. Enemies which are caught in the freezing zone when it reaches absolute zero will take damage. The damage increases according to the length of the channel.

This ability can be canceled early. Aside from that, channeling Absolute Zero from a brush or fog of war won’t reveal Nunu and Willump.


To try Nunu and Willump’s new skills, all you have to do is to update and download the latest patch of League of Legends on your gaming computers.

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