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Home » New League of Legends Skins: Mecha Aurelion Sol and Mafia Braum

New League of Legends Skins: Mecha Aurelion Sol and Mafia Braum

The 8.16 PBE Cycle has just rolled out, bringing in two new skins in the battlefield of Summoner’s Rift. These skins include the futuristic Mecha Aurelion Sol and the dashing Mafia Braum.

Let’s check them out:

Mecha Aurelion Sol

1350 RP

Mecha Aurelion Sol is the largest mecha to land in Rift. The new skin gives Aurelion Sol an all-new model and textures, making the space dragon a powerful mech, complete with rotating ships. It also has new visual effects and sound effects for all his spells, full of electric energy, mechanical activity, and lasers. And of course, a new recall animation that turns him into his original mothership form. The skin also gives him a new VO processing, giving Aurelion Sol a fully operational mecha voice files.

Mafia Braum

1350 RP

Stand behind Mafia Braum as he defends his goods with all his might. This new skin gives The Heart of the Frejlord new model and textures for Braum and his shield which has turned into a safe. It also has new VFX which includes freshly stolen gems, coins, and gold. Along with that, it also has new SFX for all spells which bring in lots of cha-chings. Last but not the least, the skin brings in a new recall animation that shows Braum attempting to pick the lock of the safe with the help of his trusty Poro.


These new skins are now available to buy. To check them out, update the latest patch of the file on your gaming computers and restart your League of Legends game.

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