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Fortnite Adds a New Mode and Two New Guns

Fornite Update 5.10 has rolled out early this August, featuring an exciting new game mode, a new gun, and an old weapon revamped with a few alterations.

Let’s check them out:

Fly Explosives

Fly Explosives is a limited-time game mode where players are only armed with explosive weapons like grenades, rocket launchers, and grenade launchers. Gearing up with jetpacks, your primary goal is to rain down explosives from the skies, setting fire to everything your eyes can see from above. To bring the gameplay into a higher notch, the jetpacks have been updated, regenerating faster and increasing burn time to enable longer flights.  And the best thing about it, players can use the jetpacks in all of Fortnite’s battle royale modes.

This game mode is perfect for players who want a quick match that will not last more than 20 minutes, and where they can use all the explosives they want while being airborne.

Spyglass Sniper Rifle

Spyglass Sniper Rifle is the latest addition in the Flintlock Weapon set. It is a powerful sniper that fires a single-shot per magazine which packs a punch. Epic said that players should expect a lot of kickback from using this weapon and that they should hold on tight to it as they take aim and fire.

This weapon will be available in the Save The World mode.

Guided Missile

Guided Missile is a returning weapon. It allows the player to scan the battlefield from above, so you can effectively target your enemies no matter how hard they try to hide from you.

This updated version of the weapon now comes with faster reload times, has reduced damage and brings more-even damage distributions when it comes to structures.


Fortnite is a popular battle-royale video game from Epic Games with more than 125 million players worldwide. It is available in three versions: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and its most popular version, the Free PVP battle-royale. You can download the game for your Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops for free at

For more details about the update, you can check out Fortnite’s official post.

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