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Best PC Game Releases this August 2018

We saw some great game releases last month like Earthfall and Red Faction: Guerilla Remastered, but August has the same number of awesome games in store for you. Such games include the PC version of Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World and the most-awaited release of World of Warcraft seventh expansion game, The Battle of Azeroth. But those are not only ones, here we listed seven of the best game releases for gaming PCs this month of August.

Dead Cells

July 7

Dead Cells, developed by Motion Twin, is coined as a roguelike-Metroidvania hybrid video game. In this title, the player controls a mass of cells which can occupy and control the body of a dead person at the start of each game. By exploring dungeons and fighting monsters within, the player can be able to gain weapons, armors, abilities, power-ups, and money.

Monster Hunter: World

July 9

Monster Hunter: World is an action RPG video game from Capcom which was initially released for PlayStation 4 and XBox One on January 2018. But earlier in July, developers announced that a PC version of the game is soon to be released on August 9. The game allows the player to take on the role of a Hunter who is tasked to hunt down monsters in an open world environment.

We Happy Few

July 10

We Happy Few is an indie survival video game which has been in early access for quite a while now. But at last, its developer Compulsion Games have announced that the full version of the game is set to be released on August 10. The game is set in an interesting alternate universe within the mid-1960s, introducing a crumbling dystopia caused by a hallucinogenic drug.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

July 14

The Battle for Azeroth is 7th expansion game of the world-renowned MMORPG game, World of Warcraft. The expansion will raise the current level cap to 120 and will introduce new continents namely the Kul Tiras and the Zandalar. New dungeons and raids will also be added, as well as war fronts. Aside from that, an uncharted island will be introduced along with the four allied races for both the Alliance and the Horde.

State of Mind

July 15

State of Mind is a sci-fi thriller video game from Daedalic Entertainment. It features a futuristic cyberpunk theme that lets the players delve into transhumanism. The game takes the role of Richard Nolan, a journalist who criticizes the fact that the government is replacing humans with androids and drones.

F1 2018

July 24

F1 2018 is the upcoming 10th installment in the racing video game series Formula One. It is said to feature some substantial revisions to its career mode compared to the previous systems. Similar to all the other previous games, it will be based on the yearly Formula One World Championship. It will feature all the twenty-one circuits, twenty drivers and ten teams which is competing this season.

Strange Brigade

July 28

Strange Brigade is a co-op shooting video game which will take the player to an exotic journey while fighting against mythological creatures and solving puzzles. It is set in the year 1930 when Edgar Harbin discovered the tomb of Seteki, a barbaric queen known for her brutality, and accidentally released her spirit.

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