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League of Legends New Pool Party Skins 2018

Summer is here, and this means only one thing for League of Legends fans — Pool Party Event. The Pool Party is a yearly event in League of Legends to commemorate the summer time. It is during this time that Riot releases new skins of champions equipped with summer clothing and brings in slight changes on the Summoner’s Rift map.

This 2018, Riot is giving Caitlyn, Gangplank, and Zoe the summer makeover. Let’s check them out:

Pool Party Caitlyn


Get some super-soaked action with the new Pool Party Caitlyn! The Sheriff of Piltover is featured in an all-new model and textures, wearing a two-piece violet bikini, a white kimono, and a sun hat while holding a high-powered water rifle. It features a new spell visual effects, featuring cute and adorable sea creatures. It also has new sound effects with some watery actions and a new recall animation that features a party crab serving Cailtyn.

Pool Party Gangplank

Pool Party Gangplank is ready to dance, swim, and party all summer long. It features an all-new model and textures, walking along the beach with his hot bod and blowing a few watermelons on his foes. Its new VFX with some explosive watermelons, some fiery spatulas, and an adorable crab. It has all-new SFX with an oh-so-satisfying water pump Q and a new recall animation with him cooking and serving up some grilled steaks.

Pool Party Zoe

Skip with Pool Party Zoe along the sandy runes of Runeterra. The new skin features an all-new model and textures which gives Zoe breezy turquoise-blue hair that looks majestic under the sun. It also has a new spell VFX which incite some beach memories with her every spell, and new SFX on all her spells which makes paddleboarding a whole lot of fun. The skin also gives her a new recall animation, showing her dive into the recall pool.


To check out the new Pool Party skins, update your League of Legends program on your gaming computers. Each of the Pool Party skins cost 1350 RP.

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