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Fortnite Update v5.10: New LTM, Guided Missiles and Jetpacks Return


                                       Photo Credit: Epic Games

Just today, Fortnite released yet another update, bringing a new wave of fresh content to the game. Whether it’s the return of popular items like jetpacks and guided missile launchers, or the introduction of an all new limited time mode, this update had plenty to over. Let’s get right into the details.

First up is the new LTM. It’s named Fly Explosives, and rightfully so, as the game mode limits weapons and items within a game to only explosives, while also including jetpacks to add an entirely new level of gameplay to the mix. Items like grenades, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and C4 are all available to use, which will definitely result in lots of explosive chaotic action.

Speaking of the return of jetpacks, they’ve come back better than ever. Jetpacks in the Fly Explosives mode regenerate fuel at a faster rate, and also have decreased burn rates to allow for longer flight times. Guided missiles have also returned, allowing players to once again bob and weave their missiles to hit the perfect targets. However, they’ve been nerfed slightly, resulting in a now more balanced guided missile.

Other things to note about Fly Explosives are that Floor Loot spawners will occasionally spawn jetbacks, and that wait times between the storm closing are shorter, as looting in Fly Explosives should be faster. Also, rocket ammunition is capped at 120, giving players the freedom to explode to their heart’s content.

With these items being reintroduced into the game, Playground has received a boost as well, with Jetbacks, Guided Missiles, and Crossbows all added to the LTM. Bandages in Playground have been removed, so as to increase the spawn rates of bigger healing items.

For those who want to see every exact change made, here are the official patch notes from Epic.

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