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Overwatch Free Weekend: All The Details

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This weekend, Blizzard is once again launching a free weekend for Overwatch on PC, an event that stretches from July 26th to 11:59 PT, July 30th.

During this time, Overwatch is of course completely free to play, with all 28 heroes open to play, including Wrecking Ball, the new tank hero introduced into the game just earlier this week. Moreover, all 18 maps are playable during the weekend, along with custom games, the Arcade, and Quick Play. However, the one downside is that Competitive Play is off-limits during the event.

And while the weekend is primarily intended for PC players, it’s also open on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. Any PlayStation 4 player can get in on all the free Overwatch fun, but if he or she chooses to buy a game, they’ll need a PS Plus account. As for Xbox players, it’s necessary for them to have an Xbox Live Gold account to be able to play Overwatch on the Xbox one. PC players have it the easiest, only needing a Blizzard account to play.

To encourage players to actually buy the game after playing it for free, all progress made during the free weekend will be saved if the player chooses to buy a paid account after the event is over. This includes cosmetics earned, so unlocking as many skins as possible during the free weekend and then buying an account is a decent option. Note however, that achievements will not be transferred over.

So try out Overwatch yourself, or if you want a taste of what Overwatch is like, watch the Overwatch League Grand Finals that are taking place today and tomorrow.



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