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NintendoUKVS Live: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational, Splatoon 2 Qualifiers, and More

                                       Video Credit: Nintendo UK

For all the Nintendo fans out there, you’re in luck. Nintendo UK is hosting a live gaming event at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London from July 28-29, during which two competitive tournaments will be held: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational and Splatoon 2 UK Championship 2018: Qualifier Tournament. Not only that, a number of Nintendo’s other new games will be available for free play, making the event a great experience for both hardcore and casual gamers.

The event starts on Saturday with the first ever qualifier for the Splatoon 2 UK Championship 2018, offering qualifier spots in both the Inkling League (teams of players aged 13 and below) and the Octo League (all ages). Unfortunately, pre-registration for this event has been closed, but for all the hopeful players who registered, everyone has an equal chance to make it past qualifiers. As for attending players who don’t have a full team but want to compete, efforts will be made to find other teammates who are also looking for a full team.

Moving onto Sunday, it stars the main spotlight of Nintendo’s event — the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Invitational, in which players will battle it out to see who’s adapted the best to the new title. However, given that the event is held in London, most of the players participating in the tournament are likely to be all from the UK, so Smash Bros gods like TSM Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios probably aren’t going to be there.

Other miscellaneous events include a cosplay exhibition match, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Time Trial challenge, Mario Tennis Aces tournament, and a Killer Queen Black king of the hill-type challenge. Many other games will be available to play, the likes of Fortnite, DRAGON BALL FighterZ, Rocket League, EA SPORTS FIFA 19 and more included.

Though tickets for the show have already sold out, those who still want to watch can do so through Nintendo UK’s Twitch channel. 





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