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Ubisoft Announces New Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC

Far Cry 5 - Lost on Mars, The New Game for Your Gaming Computer

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Far Cry 5 is getting new downloadable content, and it is out of this planet — literally. Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars was announced by Ubisoft last week and is scheduled to be released on July 17 for XBox One, PS4, and gaming computers.

Lost on Mars will be the second major piece of DLC for the game, following Hours of Darkness. Players can buy the DLC alone for $ 9.99 or as part of its season pass. It will take the main protagonist Nick Rye to Mars, where he needs to stop an alien invasion to come to Earth. The DLC will showcase new weapons which include the Hellfire, Morphinator, and Blaster of Disaster. It will also feature new Space Jets traversal tool as part of its sci-fi themed gameplay.

Off the DLC, Ubisoft confirmed that new Mars-themed assets will be available in Far Cry Arcade. Players can use the sci-fi assets and integrate to the previously created maps, or even used in when creating a new map or campaign mod. Those will purchase the Lost on Mars DLC will also gain access to the new weapons present in the sci-fi themed DLC and used it when playing the main game.

Lost on Mars is the second to the third DLC to be revealed by Ubisoft. The first DLC, Hours of Darkness, was released on June 6, while the third DLC which is known as “Dead Living Zombies” is said to be scheduled on August. The three DLCs makes up Far Cry 5: Season Pass.

Fans are thrilled to see what Ubisoft has to offer with Lost on Mars, especially after Hours of Darkness wasn’t well-received by the fans. Players noted that the first DLC took most of the game base mechanics, offering little satisfaction to those who have played it. Hopefully, Lost on Mars won’t be the same and provide far more interesting gameplay, and the same thoughts go for the third DLC.

For more information about the new DLC: Lost on Mars, you can check out Ubisoft’s official post about the game.

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