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Home » ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018: Mouz Beat out Fnatic, Advance to Playoffs

ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018: Mouz Beat out Fnatic, Advance to Playoffs

                                       Video Credit: CS:GO VODs

The ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier playoffs are now set, and Mousesports have secured themselves a spot in it, fighting past Fnatic in the last game of group stage. With an impressive reverse sweep, Mouz’s win over Fnatic marked the first time Mouz has clinched playoffs since ESL One Belo Horizonte in June.

Map one, Inferno, started off with back and forth action, with the advantage slowly leaning towards Mousesports by the end of the first half. Though Mouz stole the second pistol round, gaining a small lead from several successful plays, Fnatic fought back. Even when Mouz player Robin “ropz” Kool pulled off a critical one vs two clutch in round 28, Fnatic prevailed in the last couple of rounds, winning by a score of 16-13. Fnatic’s ability to comeback was largely attributed to Mouz In-game Leader Chris “chrisJ” de Jong, who performed extremely poorly at just nine kills.

Moving onto the second map — Train — it was an entirely different story. Mouz came out with some impressive early game aggression, to which Fnatic had no answer for until late in the half. Despite losing the second pistol round, Fnatic took control of the match with a series of successful offensive pushes. But Mouz refused to go down. They adjusted, riding the momentum from a 3 kill play by ropz in round 28, coming back from being down 14-11 and taking the map 16-14.

With all the momentum on Mouz’s side, Fnatic didn’t stand a chance in the decider on Mirage. Mouz raced off to a 7-0 lead, ending the half leading 11-4. Fnatic showed a little life with a good second pistol round, but Mouz was simply too much, as players Miikka “suNny” Kemppi and Tomas “oskar” Stastny top fragged to lead Mouz to a 16-9 victory.

Having completed the reverse sweep, Mousesports have now moved onto the playoffs, and will play against heavyweight team Astralis in the semifinals this Saturday, July 28 at 1 PM CT.


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