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Minecraft Releases Update Aquatic Phase 2

The world’s most popular sandbox game Minecraft has released its most recent update, the Update Aquatic Phase 2. The update will let players explore an ocean filled with new features which include adorable little turtles, bubble columns, and underwater zombies.

For those who don’t remember, the first part of the Update Aquatic was released on May, introducing players to underwater wonders. But the second phase has added an extensive list of features, bringing changes to the gameplay.

The new features will include The Drowned, underwater zombies that lurk in the dark, deep water, and comes up to the shore at night. Then there are the Sea Turtles swimming in the oceans, which the players need to protect along with their eggs. There will also be Turtle Shell, Scute Items, Nautilus Shells, and Potion of the Turtle Master. The update now also allows players to construct conduits underwater, giving them the Conduit Power Effect. Bubble columns are also added in the game which includes Magma Blocks and Soul Sand. New commands are also added in the game and new achievements as well.

Aquatic Phase 2 Update

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Aside from the new features, specific changes are made by the developers as well. These changes include an Aquatic-themed menu background, undead mobs walking n the seabed, improved swimming action, enabling to enchant the Trident, allowing players to ride on Skeleton Horses. The new update also brings an update on the aquatic phase overall texture.

The Update Aquatic Phase 2 is now available on XBox One, PS4, Windows 10 gaming computers, Nintendo Switch, and VR devices.

For a more detailed specification about the update, check out this official post from Minecraft.

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