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Fortnite Update Celebrates One Year with Birthday Items, New SMG, and More


                                        Photo Credit: Epic Games

It’s been a year since Fortnite blew up the gaming world, and Epic Games has decided to celebrate appropriately, releasing a new update that includes birthday themed features like cake, a revamped birthday-themed bus, an all new Compact SMG, and much more. Without further ado, here’s a deeper look at everything this update has to offer.

First up of course are the birthday features. There are now multiple birthday challenges for players to complete with their friends — to demonstrate how ridiculous they are, one example of these challenges is to dance in front of birthday cakes found around the map. Adding onto that, the battle bus has been updated, now fully decorated with streamers and balloons. There’s even a little candle on top.

Playground is finally back, and it’s even better then ever before. Spawn rates of almost everything, including bounce pads and ammo boxes, have increased. You can also switch teams mid-game now, and the match will continue on regardless if anyone leaves.

In terms of items and gameplay, a new Compact SMG (essentially a P90) has been introduced in the game, adding yet another powerful spraying weapon to a Fortnite player’s arsenal. On top of that, the healing item Slurp Juice has been buffed, healing 1 health every 0.5 seconds now  for a max of 75 total. However, if a player’s health is already full, the Slurp Juice will give shield instead of health.

Materials have also been changed: Wood walls now start at 80 health and reach a max of 150, Stone walls now start at 80, and Metal walls now reach a max health of 500, taking 25s to build instead of 20s. Launch Pads, Campfires, and Bouncers have all received boosts in drop rate, along with Shield Potions (Regular and Small), Med Kits, Slurp Juice, and Chug Jug. To add onto the overall buffed healing in Fortnite, cake slices are now distributed throughout the map and are able to be eaten for an instant +5 health and +5 shield.

With so many new features, the new Fortnite update does indeed give its one year birthday a proper celebration. Hop onto the game to check out all the new features!


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