Friday Fortnite Canceled — Summer Skirmish $500,000 Solo Tournament Comes Out on Top

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Just yesterday, it was announced by esports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau that Epic Games were planning to host a $500,000 solo tournament as the second component in their Summer Skirmish Series. While this was exciting news, what made it so significant was that it conflicted with Fortnite Friday, a popular weekly tournament hosted by YouTuber Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem and UMG Gaming.

However, today KEEMSTAR announced that this today’s Fortnite Friday would be canceled, explaining that while they only invited 5 of his players yesterday, they ended up inviting everyone originally participating in Fortnite Friday to the $500,000 tournament. Given such a bigger prize pool, players went with the Summer Skirmish tournament. Below is KEEMSTAR’s official tweet.

UMG Events also tweeted yesterday that it would no longer host Friday Fortnite tournaments.

With Fortnite Friday canceled, all eyes turn to the $500,00 solo tournament. Given week one’s disastrous start, Epic made some changes this tournament to incentivize players to get kills. A scoring system is now in place: victory royales = 5 points, each kill = 1 point, and if you’re able to get 20+ kills in a game, you get 10 points and an additional $10,000.

After the 10 games, the player with the most amount of points is the winner, and with such a kill-heavy scoring system in place, this tournament is sure to be more action-packed than the first. Watch it on Twitch, matches start at 5 PM ET!

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